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    August's English Set: 'Darkness Ablaze,' Plus Two New Types of Products!

    Target has actually been selling these for every set starting with Team Up, and it looks like Walmart has finally started carrying them. They are currently selling for $4.99. I doubt they are going o be the same thing but if any company will charge an extra dollar for an extra five cents worth...
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    2021 Pokemon TCG Format Rotation Announced!

    Wow, I can't believe Lost Thunder is already rotating. It seems like just yesterday when I preordered a booster case of it.
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    Next Wave of Poke Ball Tins Features Dusk Ball!

    You should have also put, "as usual they will be dented like hell."
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    Collecting Jumbo Card Size Decrease!

    Yeah, I think these just seem more practical. The old size felt like just a big piece of cardboard with some printing whereas these feel more like a collectors item. Thanks for reading my post! ☺
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    'Eruption Walker' Japan's Mini-Set for April!

    Dedenne really likes those mushrooms. Suspicious.
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    'Copperajah V Box' Announced for June!

    I sure hope the Pokémon factories don't close down
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    Charizard V/VMAX and Grimmsnarl V/VMAX Revealed!

    Really? Charizard V is not going to be in a actual set?
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    Charizard V/VMAX and Grimmsnarl V/VMAX Revealed!

    Don't forget there will be a Rainbow Rare of the Charizard Vmax...
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    2020 Holiday Set Confirmed, Includes Missing Sun & Moon Cards!

    As much as I want to spend as much money as possible on this set I had better not. Hidden Fates decimated my wallet and I almost quit collecting Pokémon because of it. I'm excited that we will be getting all of these cards though.
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    Collecting Jumbo Card Size Decrease!

    I'm probably kind of late on this, but the other day I got a Toxtricity V Box and it turns out that the jumbo card size has CHANGED! At first I had no idea. It wasn't until I put it with the rest of my jumbos that I realized that the jumbo cards are now considerably smaller than the ones from...
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    Japan's March Set: 'Rebellion Crash,' Plus Toxtricity V, Charizard VMAX, Grimmsnarl VMAX!

    Has anyone else realized how much BREAKpoint vibes this set gives off? It has a lot of the same Pokémon that were in BREAKpoint, and even seems to have a water theme going on with the arts. I really like it because BREAKpoint was the first set I ever really got cards from. If only there was...
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    Zarude, the Rogue Monkey Pokemon, Revealed!

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.