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  • Can I at least TRY? I wanna wish for stuff! :p (I'm not sure about that one wishing rule though, is it true that if you tell someone your wish, it DOESN'T come true!? D=> )

    Not really sure what you mean, I'm sorry. Where do you want to make a new thread? Most if not all parts of the forums if I recall correctly will have a ">Post a New Thread [Forum Name] at the top of near the top of all forums.

    If you can clarify what you mean at bit, I can try to help out if you haven't gotten a answer yet from someone else.
    StarSpliter, No idea, sorry. You should probably ask one of the mods who was involved in that competition.

    At the top of forum in the dark sand look for "> Post New Thread in". Click on it.
    Greetings and welcome to Pokebeach; what brings you to my wall?


    To answer your question about how prereleases work:

    Prereleases cost $25 for an entry fee (most premier events are free), but that is just because all the materials required for playing will be given to you.
    You'll be given 6 packs of the new set, and from the cards within, you are going to construct a 40-card deck - then you'll play Swiss rounds with matches played for 4 prizes instead of 6. (Rounds are also 20 minutes long instead of 30.)

    You aren't restricted to the 4-per-deck rule and all the basic energy you'll need will be provided, but you aren't allowed to trade mid-tournament to adjust your deck. If you play all the way to the end of the day you'll get 2 more packs. In the middle of the day you'll also get a prerelease promo card plus a plastic deckbox.

    All in all you're getting about $40 worth of goodies for only $25, plus you have a fun day of hanging out.
    StarSpliter, Sorry man, but I know exactly NOTHING about the TCG, if that's what you're inquiring. I'm a Video Game moderator, so it's to be expected, haha. Here you can find a list of all the moderators, so find a TCG moderator among those and ask away! If you need anything else, like I said before, just ask.
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