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    Blastoise Variants

    Ya I guess that would solve it hahaha thank you very much
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    Japan's XY11: 'Explosive Fighter / Cruel Traitor', CP5: 'Mythical / Legendary Dream Holo Collection'

    We don't know anything for sure yet, for all we know the rotation could be phantom forces-on the either rotate three to five sets which means it can be from phantom forces-on to even roaring skies-on if they wanted to go insane Also another mega? Please please mega salamence I don't care if...
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    Blastoise Variants

    I have been thinking of replacing my Kyogre from Dark Explorers to a glaceon from fates collide, since kyogre is mainly there to help with vespiquen, the only thing I worry about is sky return spams, to try and force me to break the crystal Ray lock. Any thoughts?
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    Blastoise Variants

    I have asked the same question but I have found that energy reset from fates collide is better, being able to take back all the energy loaded on a Keldeo and maybe attaching them to a new one has proved better, since you have ways to get your energy back, but it is also situational, against...
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    Major Changes Coming to 'Fates Collide' Prereleases!

    No it is not, you just have to complete the tournament, doesn't matter how you did aslong as you stay for the whole event, you'll get your three packs at the end.
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    Potential BREAK Pokemon in Upcoming Sets!

    You do realize Golbat and Crobat already have free retreat right?
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    Discussion Magnezone(BKT): Magnetic Circuit Strategies

    I think this deck only stands a chance in standard, it's taken top positions in recent standard cities with things like Raikou, and Pikachu EX
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    Alt. Format Future: Ho-Oh EX

    That's right I totally overlooked parasect even though I knew it would be good with him hahaha thanks :)
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    Alt. Format Future: Ho-Oh EX

    Just trying to see if the colorless Ho-oh in the next set can work :) Pokemon: 11 3 Ho-oh EX 1 Manaphy EX 2 Shaymin EX 1 Hoopa EX 2 Altaria 2 Swablu Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 35 4 VS Seeker 4 Ultra Ball 4 Max Elixir 2 Professor's Letter 1 Energy Recycler 2 Startling Megaphone 2 Paint...
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    Japan's XY10 Set: 'Awakening of Psychic Kings,' Alakazam!

    I think colorless isn't going to receive to much more support, it got a set focus on it with roaring skies.
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    Blastoise Variants

    Please check out my video with my Archie's Blastoise list that I used to get a top 4 cities finish. Thank you :D
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    Blastoise Variants

    No believe me when I say you need exeggcute, any lists that run unown simply dropped the acro bikes in favor of the unown.
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    Blastoise Variants

    In my local cities that I recently attended rough seas was the difference between me coming back in game three in top 8, so I'd say it's situational but tropical beach has seen some success but it's way to expensive for certain people.
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    Alt. Format M Gyarados EX / Manaphy EX

    Yaa true special conditions aren't to big anymore. sorta because it only stops paralysis i think and it cant accelerate onto something, that a seperate Pokémon(Palkia)/
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    Blastoise Variants

    I will say parallel city is definetely never making my archies blastoise list, but i will agree with littywitty on the fisherman, i recently attended my local cities and the only reason I won my third game in Top 8 is because of fisherman, drew in the prizes after a knock out, got knocked out...