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  • Hey. you've had a challenge on my gym for almost forever. What time would be good for you to get it done?
    In that context "You, sir, are evil", it can apply to a person of either gender and it's still technically correct.
    I get in the habit of replacing 'sir' with 'madam' if I know I'm addressing a female though...that is, if I feel like it. =D
    Oh, really sorry about that! I didn't know!
    As for my 999 posts, I actually went over to 1002, but I put my special post in an awful place so I deleted 3.
    If you ever get a chance to play Emerald, I think you should. It's for GBA so it shouldn't be too hard to find, but if you find it, play it. It's amazing.
    Spoink!, You, sir, are evil. I can't believe you're pretty much spamming up DNA's profile just so that he can beat me. :O He's way ahead of me now. :'(
    You certainly have guts, though, I'll give you that. ;D
    Spoink!, it's Emerald, by a longshot. The story is amazing and the scenery and music are beautiful.
    Spoink!, and that's why everything I say sounds totally incomprehensible.
    ...wait, that can't be right...
    Tag, you're it! It's a game of tag Chemical started and now you're it!


    PS: No tag backs! :D
    Spoink!, there's no rule that says you can't support both of us, but that pretty much defeats the purpose of supporting a person.
    Can I pretend I'm popular on the forums by spamming my own profile with meaningless messages?

    Nah, I'll probably get a bad reputation.
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