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    Standard Fighting Acceleration (Lucario EX / Regirock EX / Zygarde EX)

    You really need to run more basic Energies, or else you won't be hitting any energies off your Max Elixirs. Run at least 10-11 Basic energies, 9 at the minimum. You also might want to run 2-3 Battle Compressor to thin stuff out of your deck to increase your chances of hitting energies off your...
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    Standard M Alakazam EX

    Cut the Dimension Valleys and the Red Card for 4 Skyfields. Then run 3 Mega Turbos and 2 Hoopa EX. Add in 2 Shaymins and an 8th Psychic Energy. Then I guess cut a Sycamore for a Skyla, and put in 2 Battle Compressor. Cut the Megaphone and the 2nd N. I might cut the 4th Mega Alakazam also for...
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    Standard MewBox (Toolbox Mew)

    You could also run a couple Rainbow Energies. That would allow you to splash in more techs, like an Umbreon EX for instance. There's probably others, but Umbreon is the first that comes to mind.
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    Expanded Speed Darkrai EX / Friends for Spring Regionals

    Jolteon can be a problem, sure, but you can usually probably just Lysandre around it.
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    Standard Wailord Stall for UK Nationals

    Run something like this. Pokemon: 4 Wailord EX 1 Aegislash EX 1 Durant FLF 1 Bunnelby - PCL 121 1 Lugia EX - AOR Trainers: 4 AZ 4 Team Flare Grunt 1 Hex Maniac 3 Skyla 1 Delinquent 2 Lysandre 4 Pokemon Fan Club 1 Xerosic 4 Cassius 4 Rough Seas 4 Max Potion 4 Puzzle of Time 2 Fighting Fury...
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    Standard Flame Storm (Delphox BREAK / Shaymin EX)

    You already have the Mystical Fire Delphox. Octillery isn't needed.
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    Expanded Speed Darkrai for Spring Regionals

    I think you might want to run a Mewtwo EX NXD to deal with Gallade. You don't need Giovanni's, or 4 Compressor, unless you're running Maxie's. Cut 2 Battle Compressor, the Yveltal EX, and the Giovanni's for a Mewtwo EX, an Yveltal BKT, and a 2nd Reverse Valley.
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    Discussion Spring Regionals Decks

    What about Night March?
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    Discussion Spring Regionals Decks

    No, that deck is too clunky. Run Toad/Bats or Manectric/Bats if you're going to run any kind of Bats deck. Wobbuffet/Bats is to clunky. By the way, does anybody think Night March, Trevenant and/or Raikou/Eels will make a big showing?
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    How to Counter Regirock

    Regirock relies on your opponent dead drawing a little bit in order to buy time for you to get set up. Just go in guns blazing ASAP, kill all their walls, and then they'll have no choice but to send up a premature Regirock.
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    Standard Fates Collide deck: Genesect Bronzong.

    Run a couple copies of Switch. Take out all the Assault Vests and put in 2 Switch and 1 AZ. If you're running 3 Level Ball and 3 Ultra Ball, you don't need Brigette. You don't need Skyla either. Run maybe 1-2 Max Potion, and swap out one Reverse Valley for a Steel Shelter in case Serperior...
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    Standard Glaceon-EX / Jolteon-EX

    Glaceon says it blocks attacks from EVOLUTION Pokemon. That means even an Archies'd or Maxies'd Pokemon still can't damage Glaceon.
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    Standard ZamBats v0.0 (M Alakazam EX / Crobat)

    Why in tarnation are you running Professor Birch when N is back in format? Cut down to like 5 Psychic Energies, and also get rid of the Brigette. Run some Devolution Sprays, and run some Trainer's Mails too. I'd probably run something like this; Pokémon (19) 3 - Alakazam EX 2 - Crobat 3 - Golbat...
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    Discussion Spring Regionals Decks

    Expect some Yveltal, Groudon, Trev and Raikou/Eels to be the most played. Night March and Toad/Tina along with other such stuff will probably see a decent amount of play, along with the occasional overconfident Sableye/Garbodor. But I think that's around it.
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    Standard Glaceon-EX / Jolteon-EX

    First of all, Maxie's Garchomp is super bad. Like, it shouldn't even be a problem because it's so bad. Second, Glaceon EX blocks Garchomp's attacks. Why are you running only 2 Puzzle of Time? Run 4 copies or don't run any at all. Your supporter line also leaves much to be desired. Run N instead...