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  • Skymin, I did, actually! I hope you had a great time over the past few weeks as well!
    Skymin, hahaha, yep.
    My grades still aren't up yet, but they should be in a few days, hopefully.
    I'm not concerned about me passing my classes so much as getting As in them.
    I think I'm guaranteed at least a B in each, but I want those As...
    I'm a mod now?
    ...oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, I am \o/

    I have been pretty good! Finals are approaching about 2 weeks from now - I get out on the 19th - so from now until then I just need to focus on wrapping everything up. Shouldn't be too difficult, but I'm going to go in totally prepared anyway. Life, overall, is pretty good!

    Ugh. Studying for Finals are the worst lol, The finals most of the time aren't even that bad, it's just the studying and not knowing how is on there XD. I know your pain, it's terrible lol.

    Lol. Man, I have been on PKMNcollectors in a long time, I can't look otherwise I know I'm going to spend soooo much when I got back for all the stuff I missed. I'm afraid lol.


    I know how tough being busy especially in college, so much to do, so little time XD Don't even worry about it lol.

    Yea, AIM kept wasting so much battery on my phone so I couldn't use it anymore XD


    Lol, not even your fault, I've as I am sure you have been, pretty busy with life and stuff. Plus I don't think I've logged into AIM or anything with instant messenger for a long time lol. I probably should set something up where people could talk to me XD
    There are options. Basically, if you could ask me for some sort of wish...and it was within my ability to grant, what would it be?

    Or you can give me a list and I can say which ones are in my ability to grant.
    Nothing necessarily wrong with predictability.
    And you sure you don't want something from me?
    Not really, I think art class would increase my art block honestly. xD
    That's what I thought you were going to say. But in the end, you'll have more choices available to you, so in the end, it's worth it!
    And you think the drawing class is going to help you past the art block? It could definitely be possible! plus it'd give you a bunch more techniques that you could utilize in your work.
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