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    ‘Dark Phantasma’ Set Featuring Hisuian Zoroark Revealed!

    Gardevoir is my favorite Pokemon; you and anyone else can go ahead and make incorrect and inappropriate assumptions about that. But when I saw this card yesterday, I was very happy. And then I played a game of "Find the spambot" in the comments to see if anyone would bemoan a popular Pokemon...
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    ‘Pokemon GO’ TCG Set to Release in June!

    Did you look at the rest of the artwork on the pack? Or did you just look at Mewtwo and think, "CG BAD"?
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    All ‘VMAX Climax’ Secret Rares Revealed!

    Oh, finally! Actually good photos of the missing cards without a giant name slip taking up 1/3 of the card, taken with a potato quality phone in terrible lighting. Just for 20 minutes of fame. (Or a day of useless infamy?) Seriously. Who does that? Anyway. I'll forego the glaring issue of the...
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    Morpeko V-UNION, Mimikyu VMAX, Acerola’s Premonition, and More from ‘VMAX Climax!’

    Neat. Gloria is (almost) like the return of Pokemon Collector, or a balanced, one-effect version of Brigette. Very interesting attack on Mimikyu VMAX; that could swing games in certain situations. But I do wonder how well it would actually work in practice, especially requiring Acerola's...
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    Full ‘Fusion Strike’ Set List: Largest Set in History, Contains Missing Cards!

    "Largest set in history!!" AGAIN! In other news, water wet! More at 11. Well, at least they did include the Celebi V and Espeon VMAX alt arts.
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    Several More Character Rares Revealed from ‘VMAX Climax!’

    Phenomenal artwork on these cards!
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    Pokemon Releases Scary ‘Found Footage’ of a New Pokemon

    Marketing like this is fine and all, but when you turn your brain back on, it's canonically baffling. I guess we'll see if time traveling is involved in three months.
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    Pokemon VSTAR Mechanic Revealed: Arceus VSTAR!

    Meta aside, I say good riddance to the visual mess of VMAX's. I really love how vibrant this Arceus VSTAR looks!
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    ‘VMAX Climax’ Officially Revealed: Character Rares Return!

    Very glad to see Character Rares return! And I'm thrilled to see Elesa with Flaaffy, N with Zekrom, and of course Gardevoir, though I wish it was with an actual character and not a no name NPC. Regardless, the artwork is great on all of these!
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    Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trailer Reveals Kleavor, Arc Phone, and More!

    I know others have commented on it here, but I just have to go on about that phone. Like, I know the Pokémon universe takes place in a world where teleportation is common place, as far as technology goes, but a futuristic touchscreen phone in Sinnoh 100+ years in the past is a bit too much for...
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    Pokemon Trading Card Game Live Officially Revealed!

    Whoa, whoa, whoa... So many questions. But in short, I'm assuming the playable cards will only be those that are BW-on. But if the Classic Collection cards that aren't playable exist in this game just for collection's sake, then why can't the HGSS sets transfer over just for collection's sake???
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    Pokemon Trading Card Game Live Officially Revealed!

    Glad to see this is finally on mobile, but... I'm very disappointed by not keeping any HGSS cards. I get it in the sense that they're not in the Expanded format, but... what would be the harm in carrying over a few only-for-collection sets? Also, super great news with only SM-onwards at the...
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    September’s Japanese TCG Accessories: Grass Pokemon, Piplup, Umbreon, and More!

    I have a MIGHTY NEED for the Elesa sleeves and deck box!! I regret not buying anything back when she was on a few different BW products, but I just didn't have the funds. I'd rather not have history repeat itself this time Also, those Chandelure sleeves are silly. I love it.
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    ‘Vaporeon VMAX / Jolteon VMAX / Flareon VMAX Premium Collections’ in December!

    I suppose that's a nicer way to say what I was thinking in regards to distribution. But yes, if we think about a reality where this isn't an issue, these are quite amazing products.
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    Greninja Star from ‘Celebrations’ Elite Trainer Box Revealed!

    I was talking about the Pokemon Center website being a broken dumpster fire, not product availability and reprints. Though, who knows! Maybe there's an additional issue of product availability and a lack of foresight on top of their known website traffic capacity issue! It seems I'm no longer...