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  • Sierra, nothing :D absolutely nothing :D

    I seem cool?! Woah....:p

    I agree with Mlouden...that is a bold move

    *catutie remembers that he posts pics in the beach picture thread*

    Yep....bold move indeed
    I'm bored. hi. lol. you're like the only person on here who has a real pic of them as an avvy, assuming that's you lol.
    Sierra, I can already tell how awesome you are! ;)
    About as much as I'll say about me is that I'm an artist, gamer, TCG player and musician.
    Sierra, I said, "Whachu doing postin on sillykyle!'s profile? o_O". Is that hard to understand or something? xP Well, I haven't seen you around so I'm going to assume you're new. Welcome to the forums. =] Make sure to read the rules and don't get banned I can do that to you ya know. ;D
    Sierra, Pardon my foolish mistake.
    Nero are rising stars too, with 'Me and You', 'Promises' and 'Guilt' all being masterpieces.
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