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  • Sierra, Oh I see, life usually comes before forums/internet in general so that's understandable. Glad to hear that things are better now though.

    Vacation was great, went to Indiana for about 9 days. First 3 days were spent playing Pokemon TCG at the National Championships and then after that was over; I spent the remaining days at my aunt's house hanging out with my cousin pretty much the entire time. Though I'm happy to be back home now so I can relax and whatnot.

    And errr, alright, seems funny saying brb when this isn't even IM but if you say so. Talk to you soon/later.

    Edit: (9:59 PM) lol1hour
    Sierra, *gasp* You're not dead! Ohai there! Didn't expect to see any messages from you. I just got back from vacation so the timing seems oddly precise.

    Oh and you're welcome. :]
    Sierra, Haha, okie dokie! :x

    Oh that's pretty sweet. A day off from school is allwaayys a good thing. =P School not very fun for you?

    Nothing's really up with me right now. I just got done playing a little with meh kitteh. :3 But other than that just hanging around on the computer.
    Sierra, Errr, hello there. It seems everyday I take a look at my profile there's at least one message from you. Don't you have someone better to talk to? xP Either way I feel speshul... :3

    But anyway, haha...what's up? o:
    Sierra, Oh I see, doesn't sound too great but as long as you're making it through then everything's gonna be okay. ^.^

    That's never a fun question for me, lol. But anyway, not a whole lot is up with me. Life has been pretty ordinary for me. Hang out at home, do school work, chat with people online through Skype, and then the occasional video game. Weekends are a little better for me, but yeah, my life is far from exciting, lol...
    Sierra, Haha, yes, be very happy! =P

    I has been quite good. I remember stumbling upon your profile at some point after you had been gone for a while and thought, "Oh hey, looks like she's gone for good." but apparently I've been proven wrong, haha.

    And how has yew been? :3
    Sierra, Lol, I don't remember who it was but the message said something along the lines of "are you there Sierra?" =P I just thought it was funny because it was on my profile. I guess you're just that popular. xD I think the person ended up editing their message too. xP
    Sierra, Haha, really? I wish I could do that. Especially with school coming up for me. Oh and check out my profile comments. Someone's looking for you! xD Why you so popular? :3 I wish I was as popular as you are when I first joined. xP
    Sierra, Not much really, but I have a lot of art planned and a busy week ahead of me.

    Did ya want to talk to me or something? ;D I like just got out of bed and it's 12 pm lol. I'm not even usually one to sleep in but I stayed up late and I'm taking advantage of Labor Day. =P
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