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Nov 11, 1991 (Age: 28)
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dipped my hair in the wild berry skittles rainbow!, Female, 28, from Plano, TX United States

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Jan 7, 2014
    1. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], [s]but Lugia isn't Dragon or Water[/s] Hmm, they do have likeness, it seems. I like the Latis too - I have a pair that's Timid each with a 31 Spe IV, so they're like twinsies!

      ...Seven different colors of skinny jeans? One for each day of the week? Good luck with that.

      Oh, right, defeat Worlds Leaders 10 times for the Champion's tournament. I need to go do that eventually, when I remember that BW2 exists. Cynthia's really irritating though. Also, Dragon Claw > Dragon Rush.

      For me, tournaments are about 15-20 mins away from my house, so I'm thankful I have events near me! Regionals is about 40 mins away instead, but that's only a few days a year. Still, pretty close.

      I am a bit of a player and a collector, but I lean more towards playing and thus try to acquire cards I need for my deck. But there are certain cards I collect and try to get some of, some of which I can find, others not so much.
      I prefer judging to playing as I get paid in packs (free cards is never a bad thing), but I have a lot of fun playing too!
    2. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], I love Latias too. I actually managed to trade off a friend for a really good one - Timid with 31 Speed IV :D Now with W2 I can soft-reset for another.

      lol using koolaid packets to dye your hair

      I think it's pretty cool that you use your hair color as a way to express yourself. It actually does say a lot about who you are, especially given your color choices. Yes, natural hair color is nice (and I'll always love it more), but there's always something to be said for fun hair color schemes. You seem to love trying out new things with it and it seems to have paid off well for you! I'm very happy for you because of it!
    3. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], technically Timid is +Spe -Atk, and Mischievous just equates to a SpAtk IV ending in 1 or 6 (potentially 31). But yeah, same difference :P

      ...and why would you dye your hair in bright pastel colors?
    4. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], whenever I go to catch a legendary, I save in front of it so I can SR for one with good IVs and nature. I don't want it to go to waste. I've done it with Cobalion, and when I have time I'm going to try and tackle Terrakion. But I'm okay with taking it slow.

      Your router won't do that? Awww =(

      ...haha, you dying your hair AGAIN? :P What's the scheme this time?
    5. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], there are 255 medals total, but more 'pages' get added as you get more Medals/Hint Medals.

      Hm, that could be tricky. If you only have DS Lite (or older), then WEP is all you can do. I know there is a way to edit the security key for your network (including the security type). To do so, find out what the IP of your router's Default Gateway is. If you don't know, go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt if you have Windows (it's probably different if you have a Mac), type in ipconfig, hit Enter (don't type anything else), and the Default Gateway should come up. Take that IP, copy/paste it into a tab in your browser, and that will open the settings to edit your router settings.

      This doesn't work with ALL routers, but it does with most. From there you can edit router settings such as security and the network key. If you change the network key to WEP, your DS Lite should be able to connect.
    6. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], my medal count? The last time I opened my game it was 130 or so. For the shiny bit, I traded one over from another game. (It still counts.)

      The Magnemite method? It's actually kinda simple.

      First, go to Virbank Complex. Wild Magnemite will be running thereabouts. Catch 1. No, catch 5. No, catch a lot. If you get 1 with Magnet Pull, you can put it at the front of your party and find more (due to Magnet Pull's field effect of making Steel-type wilds appear more often).

      Once you have...let's say 10 or so, you can go to the next step. Go to the GTS, and use the Seek Pokemon feature to find a Magnemite (for your first search, just search for Magnemite of any level). A BUNCH of people will come up, and they will be offering Magnemites in return. Trade with them - go for at least 5 at a time before you log off GTS, 10 at the most. (You can also Deposit one of your own Magnemite into GTS and ask for Magnemite in return. I'd advise you do so.)

      Now, once you've traded with 10 or so people (or until you can't find anyone), log off GTS. (If you want to refine your Magnemite search, you can go by level - either 1 to 10 or 11 to 20 are your best bets - or by country - the more populous countries like the European ones will get you more, but you can find others just by going down the alphabet - and fill up Unity Tower while you're at it!)

      After you log off GTS (and by now you should have the same number of Magnemite in your box - just not yours), go Fly to Join Avenue. Since Join Avenue will make visitors appear if you trade with people over GTS, that means that for each person you traded with over GTS, a person will appear in your avenue. What's more, these people give the normal amount of points when recommended (your fans will only give 75% of the norm), so you'll get points pretty quick.

      And what do you do when you recommended all the people you can and there aren't any more? Simple - go back to GTS and start the whole thing all over again to get more people!

      (You can actually get people for Join Avenue in pretty much EVERY method of wireless communication...EXCEPT for the Wi-Fi Club. You can even get them through Dream World, but the fastest method to get a lot of people quickly is the Magnemite method I just described.)

      If you are so inclined, you can give your Magnemites funny nicknames and spread them around, then keep the ones you find cool (I have a whole boxful of nicknames I like). If you find a Magnemite nicknamed Roflmonger that has PokeRus (and an OT of Ignis), you've found one of mine! I've given away about 20 of them, so who knows? Maybe you might run into one!

      But if you don't feel like sifting through all my words, here's the condensed version:
      yes, 4chan's /vp/ started it lolololol
    7. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], 3 to 4 pm? Oh wow, I didn't know that; thanks for the tip!

      I need to go find more of N's Pokemon. The only ones I have are the Chargestone Cave ones and the Zorua. Shouldn't be too hard.

      How's my Join Avenue? I used the Magnemite farming method to get the rank up really fast. Within 2 weeks or so I got it up to rank 40, with all of my shops being rank 10. Right now it's rank 41 because I just let it sit :P
    8. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], I think it was the best choice. Its moveset was Waterfall/Earthquake/Ice Fang/Dragon Dance, ability Moxie. It just needed to set up a DD or 2, then sweep. Pretty simple, actually.

      Face Board medal is kinda weird to get. I want to get the Wailord Watcher one, but I don't know how to force Wailord to appear in the Marine Tube.

      Bleh, that Dratini is pretty bad, all things considered. But hey, it's not the end of the world. You could always breed for more.
      Crystal Wall IS a cool looking card. Doesn't have much utility, but it looks cool.

      LOOSE SCREWS AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that made me smile =)
    9. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], that Garchomp actually looks pretty solid. I wouldn't be surprised if you could solo the E4 with just him, but watch out for Iris' Haxorus!
      As for my One and Only medal, I went in with a Gyarados. Moxie = amazing.

      You saved AFTER getting the Dratini instead of BEFORE? Teehee~
      Oh well, maybe it'll be cool! Can you tell me if its ability is Shed Skin or Marvel Scale? I haven't picked mine up yet, and I'm curious.

      Oh, and congratulations on finally finishing the White Treehollow! *gives hug of celebration*
    10. Hydro Cannon
      Hydro Cannon
      The Shiny Milotic! :3
    11. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], up to Area 6 is actually pretty easy. It's when you get to Area 7 that things REALLY start getting difficult. But all the exp you'll be getting from fighting on the lower levels should prepare you sufficiently!

      I should go pick up my shiny Dratini, but I want to soft-reset for a good one. That, and unless it has Marvel Scale, it's going to be really underwhelming...
    12. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], Black Friday is just [i]crazy[/i]. I don't think I'll ever join the shopping fad on Black Friday just because it's so crazy. I do really feel sorry for the people who have to work those days at convenience stores; it must be a [i]real[/i] pain. Glad to hear you survived!

      I spent my Black Friday with a good friend of mine. He taught me some basic kenpou and then we watched [i]Inception[/i]. I hadn't seen the movie before then and I was looking forward to it; it's as good as they say it is! The trick is the movie plot is rather hard to follow if you're not used to it. I think I picked the plot up first time, but apparently there are a lot of hidden goodies in it that you will keep noticing when you watch it again and in Pixar movies.

      But Black Friday was a week ago; how are you doing in the here-and-now?
    13. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], well, would you rather have had it in June or November? Does it make that much of a difference? And Black Friday is Black Friday; there're all sorts of outrageous discounts. I spent that day with a friend instead and watching Inception.

      So, I take it you survived the Black Friday shift?
    14. DNA
      Hi Larisa! What's new?
    15. Grumpigfarmer
      Happy Thanksgiving!
    16. juunkmilk
      hu da bad word are u u r on my turf
      it was ur birhtday i guess hapy birthday i love you
      who da heck r u get out
    17. PumpedAaron
      Awesome! Happy Birthday!
    18. Ice Arceus
      Ice Arceus
      Happy Birthday!
    19. DNA
      Happy birthday Larisa! Enjoy your special day!
      Hopefully it doesn't involve alcohol!
    20. Luckyfire
      Hey! Happy birthday!
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    Nov 11, 1991 (Age: 28)
    Plano, TX United States
    I love pokemon TCG collecting, MLP:FIM, furbies, anime, video games, im vegan, I love bettas and reptiles, I am a scorpio, nature, 90's-80's stuff, cartoons, all kinds of stuff! I LOVE TO TALK ABOUT MY LITTLE PONIES.

    If I am not here, I am on MLP Arena.
    TCG/VG Accomplishments:
    I own a lot of cards and video games! 3,000+ different "pokemon' card arts! (excluding duplicates, trainers, or energies!) I m not a serious collector though, very casual and laid back.
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    pppffff my darn interweb doesnt have wep key...srries :(
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    Have loved pokemon and watched it/collected cards since 1998. Long time fan!! My first owned pokemon game was actually Silver version-still have it too! That makes Tododile my first pokemon. Im definitely a Jhoto girl, loving its historical landmarks and scenery-reminds me of Kyoto!!!


    "A pocket full of pokemon cards is a portable art museum! Love and appreciate each card's art!" -Shiningmilotic​
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