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Nov 11, 1991 (Age: 28)
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dipped my hair in the wild berry skittles rainbow!, Female, 28, from Plano, TX United States

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Jan 7, 2014
    1. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], I've heard the pull rates are about the same as the Japanese...which are ridiculous pull rates. I think the shinies are 1 in every 3 boxes, and full arts something like 1 in every 2? Lucky you to get them! I am very happy for you!

      ...I wish I could trade for an English Bianca FA. I have to settle for a borrowed one instead -.-;
    2. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], haha, fair enough.

      Younger? Maybe it's just the way I perceive things that I think it's older. Maybe I'm just crazy.

      Flare Blitz? Don't you mean Cold Flare? :P Anyway, those are some spectacular pulls you got there. Congratulations!
    3. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], actually she was 17 at the time lol

      To each his or her own, I suppose. I've always found braces as looking a bit awkward, but I do agree it makes the wearer look older. I have no idea why that is.
      ...Why would removing braces break your heart? It's not like it physically hurts or anything... /confused

      And yeah, I'd play it safe until you know you're completely better...just in case!
    4. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], yeah, pretty much! She was absolutely ecstatic! It wasn't all at once - it was in installments. The shoebox was about half of that.

      Either way, when I brought them inside, her mother said to me "She's been waiting all day for you. When she saw you pull up, she started screaming 'He's got the box! He's got the box!!'" Really brightened my day. :D

      Braces don't look cute, really; if anything they're kinda awkward. I don't have braces anymore (I have a removable retainer for my top and bottom jaws), but when I did have them...ouch. At least I built up a pain threshold for my teeth. But still, they hurt.

      Don't break the rules, silly! They're there for a reason! :P
    5. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], yep! I periodically give cards away to them, usually coinciding with the rotations. I've given them just slightly upwards of 5000 cards over the years. At one point, I just packed a shoebox FULL of my old cards and gave it to them. BOOM. Instant happy.

      Getting used to chewing stuff again, eh? I remember this one time when I had braces, and they got adjusted a tiny bit. Normally they're painful for a couple days and then I get used to it, nothing too major. But this one time, my teeth were pulsating with pain at every waking moment. I couldn't chew ANYTHING. It was the worst week of my life. ;-;
    6. DNA
      DNA's more so given them away to some of my friends who can't afford cards much either. Although, I have traded some of them away for other cards (usually staples), so either way I do turn a profit of some kind!

      Protein reminds me I need to go grocery shopping and get more food in the house. It's gotten to the point where I have to forage.
    7. don()shinobi
      butygbedyaotgerahry sounds painful
    8. don()shinobi
      Well, I just crushed them with my tongue against the roof of my mouth...and mine were relatively simple to remove, so I recovered a bit quicker.
    9. don()shinobi
      I guess, but I was able to start eating pretzels after like, a week...
    10. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], protein is always good. If I don't get protein I start feeling anemic.

      The holo pattern does tend to warp the cards a little, yeah. At least it isn't as bad as the holos in EX Deoxys. My word. That was awful.
      And I do enjoy getting paid in cards! I love the game mostly for the people involved and like to keep playing. Plus, I know how horrible my luck can be with packs, so I don't want cards taking a bite out of my budget. It's a niche and I like it. Being knowledgeable about the game and becoming a judge sure has its perks! ^.^

      Food puzzle erasers? ...or do you mean erasers from Iwako food puzzles? (Darn the English language and its adjectives.)

      No special colors right now, hm? That kinda reminds me of the Furby picture you had way back (which, by the way, I think you look fantastic in!), although not quite as bright (I think).
      I wish I still had my blonde hair. Then I started getting older and it turned golden brown with age. ;-;
    11. don()shinobi
      Mine already did; I should be saying that to [b]you[/b].
    12. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], mashed potatoes actually help? Wow, never would have guessed.
      I myself don't really take medicine much either; I'm pretty pain-tolerant. I generally only have to when I need to...and man did I need to. Max strength ibuprofen by prescription. o_o

      I do not like the lines on English holo cards either; I really miss the galaxy holo pattern and I want them to bring it back as a regular thing. Perhaps they can do that with X and Y. The foil over here is just so...bland.
      As for buying cards? I judge tournaments so I get paid in packs as compensation for my time. I haven't actually bought cards in a while :P Prereleases and booster drafts are good value if you want to buy cards. Plus, they're social, and fun! (I went to a Plasma Freeze booster draft, and everyone was just having the greatest time. I want to go to more!)

      ...but yeah, English packs have screwy pull rates and the packs are sometimes in bad condition. It makes me super sad. ;-;

      What other things have you been collecting lately? I know you like expanding your collection of miscellaneous items a well as changing the color of your hair! Any new colors you've grown attached to?
    13. don()shinobi
      Hate to interject on the conversation, but it's good that you've been eating mashed potatoes...I just got my wisdom teeth pulled around Easter, and mashed potatoes were my best friend.

      Cherish them, never let go
    14. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], ah, them wisdom teeth painkillers. I know them well. I myself wasn't loopy (I was numbed up but fully conscious during the operation), but it hurt like the dickens afterwards.

      Still going after them Korean cards for the artwork? I don't blame you! Although, I feel like the Japanese and Korean cards are somewhat 'darker' in tint compared to English and European the Asian cards don't have as much color (but maybe that's just me). But the foil is to die for!
    15. DNA
      Hey Larisa! Long time no talk! How've you been?
    16. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], at least boring doesn't necessarily mean bad.
      The Shiny Collection boxes apparently have pretty good pull rates; you can get the whole set in just 2 boxes and have a lot of extra proceeds left over, so I've heard - something like 3 Meloetta EX (normal) and 3 FAs per box. I'd like to try and get just 1 Melo EX off my friend.

      You paint? Wow, this is news to me. So your hair isn't the only thing you paint?
    17. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], haha, I'm not surprised you'd like it <3

      Everything's okay, you say? ...Is that a good or a bad thing?
    18. DNA
      Hello there again! How's things?
    19. DNA
      Neat. I sometimes like to battle on Wifi now and again with my EV trained team, so I might be able to help. Thing is, we're never online at the same time, so I don't know how that'd work =/

      But we do have a Wifi thread on 'Beach so you could probably poke around in there!
    20. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], that's the only quirky bit about playing DS games on a 3DS screen - they get inflated and the resolution goes down, or you can play them at normal resolution or they're smaller. Meh.

      What do you aspire to do now that you have a DS compatible with your Wifi, though?
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    Nov 11, 1991 (Age: 28)
    Plano, TX United States
    I love pokemon TCG collecting, MLP:FIM, furbies, anime, video games, im vegan, I love bettas and reptiles, I am a scorpio, nature, 90's-80's stuff, cartoons, all kinds of stuff! I LOVE TO TALK ABOUT MY LITTLE PONIES.

    If I am not here, I am on MLP Arena.
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    I own a lot of cards and video games! 3,000+ different "pokemon' card arts! (excluding duplicates, trainers, or energies!) I m not a serious collector though, very casual and laid back.
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    pppffff my darn interweb doesnt have wep key...srries :(
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    Have loved pokemon and watched it/collected cards since 1998. Long time fan!! My first owned pokemon game was actually Silver version-still have it too! That makes Tododile my first pokemon. Im definitely a Jhoto girl, loving its historical landmarks and scenery-reminds me of Kyoto!!!


    "A pocket full of pokemon cards is a portable art museum! Love and appreciate each card's art!" -Shiningmilotic​
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