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Nov 13, 2018
Jun 10, 2008
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July 23
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Shining Raikou

Your friendly neighborhood Raikou fan!, Male, from United States

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Nov 13, 2018
    1. Pineapple X
      Pineapple X
      [b]Shining Raikou[/b], just fine. I'm feeling kinda sick though, mighta got a cold or something.

      Just lying on my bed and watching some Orange Is The New Black. <3
    2. Pineapple X
      Pineapple X
      How might you be doing, sir? xD
    3. Camoclone
      [b]Shining Raikou[/b], I'm on...
    4. Archeops127
      Hello! Thanks for the welcome :)
    5. Ice Arceus
    6. Drohn
      I realised I didn't have you added yet on the 3DS! Added, haha. :D
    7. grassdragon
      [b]Shining Raikou[/b], I added your 3DS FC. Here's mine: 0559-7821-6385
    8. grassdragon
      You're welcome!

      My favorites:
      1. Quilladin
      2. Skiddo (it's like the cutest Pokemon I've ever seen)
      3. Skrelp
      4. Oorotto (if it's a Grass/Ghost like I want it to be)
      5. Malamar

      Overall, I'm extremely happy with the Gen VI Pokemon!
      Out of the two Fossil Pokemon, I'm going to choose Amaura because its ability is awesome!
    9. grassdragon
      Nice Avatar!
      What's your favorite Gen VI Pokemon?
    10. Delta
    11. Drohn
    12. Drohn
      /me sees SR is still online. Good morning/evening.
    13. PokemonY123
      Hey bro my fc is FC- 2466-2317-8786
      3ds name- Nomi can you plz add me and then PM me your fc and name I don't have any friends you adding me will be highly appreciated

    14. Ice Arceus
    15. PG24
      skype skype skyyyype
    16. Nekoban Ryo
      Nekoban Ryo
      [b]Shining Raikou[/b], Doesn't look like it. Can we schedule a time?
    17. Drohn
      ZackZackZackZackZack; hi.
    18. Chocolate Death
      Chocolate Death
      ehh.... i'm seriously freaking out... SOPA's back and targeting fan-made content (fanfic, fan art, fan remixes, etc.), and attempting to permanently take down all sites with such, so i'm just spreading the word around the internet like the 20+ others who responded earlier in my deviantart group... please sign the petition

      if it passes, then the hosts of all sites with such could be arrested and charged for each bit of content.. possibly even the creators of the fan made content as well....
    19. Platinum26
      Add me on 3ds homeboy. 3153 3969 9794
    20. DNA
      When can I harass you about the thing?
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    United States
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    Shining Raikou has been the Administrator of PokeBeach since 2010, and he joined the staff in 2008. A frequent visitor before actually joining the forums, he has long admired the community at PokeBeach for it's kind, helpful, and inquisitive nature. It's something he wanted to really amplify and continues to carry into the future at his post as Administrator, and at his positions on PokeBeach's Executive Board.

    SR believes in the power of community to change the future of the site, to improve it as the years go on. To do this, we need committed and driven people. If ever you want to do even more for PokeBeach than what you already do as a member, reach out to SR for information about becoming a staff member. We are definitely open to considering anyone who wants to learn and help out. Remember, at one point, SR was once only a concerned member with ideas!

    In real life, SR has amassed many skills. He has worked in retail management, culinary, art, design, marketing, business, automotive, and more. He currently is a leading chef at one of the fastest growing and top rated restaurants in Columbus. He sees himself as a modern renaissance man, and does his best to adapt to every challenge thrown his way. Life can drag you many different ways, but it also has many lessons to teach along the way if you are open minded.

    For more, talk to me! I don't bite, I promise. :)




    Poké - Head of Forums & Chat Room

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