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Nov 13, 2018
Jun 10, 2008
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Shining Raikou

Your friendly neighborhood Raikou fan!, Male, from United States

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Nov 13, 2018
    1. ShinyVincent
      Happy New Year! Shining in 2014!!
    2. bacon
    3. Scorched Feathers
      Scorched Feathers
      [quote='PDC' pid='2334145' dateline='1349581027']
      please don't turn this forum into cats
      Can we?
    4. le Roi-Soleil
      le Roi-Soleil
      How are things? :)
    5. Fangarde
      Hey, saw you looked at mah profile so here is a post on your wall.
    6. DNA
      okay you've made your point; when can I go back
    7. DaringDruddigon
      Added your FC! Check Registry for mine!
    8. Chocolate Death
      Chocolate Death
      Hey, just wondering, how long does it usually take before a name change happens? I can't really tell since I couldn't see it saying how long in the thread. Thanks.
    9. Reggie McGigas
      Reggie McGigas
      I added your friend code. Mine is 3909-7987-1568
    10. Finch182
      Hey, I've added your friend code. Here's mine 2878 9600 4686 :)
    11. Yakkov
      I added your friend code. Just letting you know :3
    12. Drohn
    13. Joshua1313
      Umm sir , how can i be a Mod? :)
    14. DNA
      [b]Shining Raikou[/b], ok
    15. DNA
      Can The-Kaiser get voice or something on #pokebeach IRC? he's one of the most helpful and friendly guys there and consistently has something to say or help someone with.
      Just my personal opinion, but I'd like him to be recognized for it.
    16. SkySheild21
      Added your 3DS friend code
    17. DeepSleepDarkrai
      Hey added your 3ds Friend code, add mine so we can battle or trade when X and Y come out.
      FC 4270-0358-5042
    18. Chocolate Death
    19. Rish the pokemon tamer
      Rish the pokemon tamer
      I like-
      Froakie because his speed is awesome. His evos look cool too.
      Chespin looks good but his evolution looks like an oversized beach ball.
      Fennekin itself looks good but his second evo looks like a maid. And what's with the broomstick for a tail?
    20. WanderingWolf
      WHY WERE THERE SO MANY PEOPLE ON A FEW HOURS AGO! it crashed the interwebz -.-
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    July 23
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    United States
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    Shining Raikou has been the Administrator of PokeBeach since 2010, and he joined the staff in 2008. A frequent visitor before actually joining the forums, he has long admired the community at PokeBeach for it's kind, helpful, and inquisitive nature. It's something he wanted to really amplify and continues to carry into the future at his post as Administrator, and at his positions on PokeBeach's Executive Board.

    SR believes in the power of community to change the future of the site, to improve it as the years go on. To do this, we need committed and driven people. If ever you want to do even more for PokeBeach than what you already do as a member, reach out to SR for information about becoming a staff member. We are definitely open to considering anyone who wants to learn and help out. Remember, at one point, SR was once only a concerned member with ideas!

    In real life, SR has amassed many skills. He has worked in retail management, culinary, art, design, marketing, business, automotive, and more. He currently is a leading chef at one of the fastest growing and top rated restaurants in Columbus. He sees himself as a modern renaissance man, and does his best to adapt to every challenge thrown his way. Life can drag you many different ways, but it also has many lessons to teach along the way if you are open minded.

    For more, talk to me! I don't bite, I promise. :)




    Poké - Head of Forums & Chat Room

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