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Nov 13, 2018
Jun 10, 2008
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July 23
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Shining Raikou

Your friendly neighborhood Raikou fan!, Male, from United States

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Nov 13, 2018
    1. Reggie McGigas
      Reggie McGigas
      I didn't notice you got staff back! Congrats!
      1. Shining Raikou
        Shining Raikou
        I never really left. :P
        Jun 7, 2015
      2. Reggie McGigas
        Reggie McGigas
        I noticed you were member shortly before the site rebooted tho
        Jun 7, 2015
      3. Shining Raikou
        Shining Raikou
        T'was an inside joke.
        Jun 7, 2015
    2. bbninjas
      Lovely new avatar you have there :>
      1. Shining Raikou likes this.
      2. Shining Raikou
        Shining Raikou
        Thank you, bbninjas! :)
        May 28, 2015
      3. Chaos Jackal
        Chaos Jackal
        The world as we know it is about to end if SR actually changed his avatar.
        At least it's pretty neat.
        May 29, 2015
    3. Shining Raikou
      Shining Raikou
      I hope all of you enjoy the new website, from the bottom of my heart. <3
    4. Shining Raikou
      Shining Raikou
      PokéBeach Staff for over 7 years now. To see it go through such a great transformation is the best reward for the time I've put in here.
    5. Shining Raikou
      Shining Raikou
      For all those interested, I am here to stay and not going anywhere. :)
      1. King Arceus
        King Arceus
        I thought maybe college just was taking too much of your time. Great that you are here to stay. :)
        May 5, 2015
    6. Chariblaze
    7. le Roi-Soleil
      le Roi-Soleil
      It seems as though you've rustled a few feathers. Hahaha!

      Well, I hope you're doing well, and I hope you continue to do well. It happens to the best of us, and there comes a time when things must change in order for a person to continue his or her path to greatness.

      Warmest regards,


    8. One Approved
      One Approved
      holy shit is this real
    9. Reggie McGigas
      Reggie McGigas
      Hey, SR. I'm so sad you're no longer staff. You were staff when I joined! Good luck whatever you do!
    10. Reshiwott
      [b]Shining Raikou[/b], Oh.
      I wish you the best of luck in future, then, good sir!
    11. Reshiwott
      ...why are you a member
    12. le Roi-Soleil
      le Roi-Soleil
      [b]Shining Raikou[/b], I see; thank you!

      I've been doing better than [b]EVER[/b]! Being busy is rewarding, though. I must say that I rather enjoy it; I don't know what to do when not busy.
    13. le Roi-Soleil
      le Roi-Soleil
      Are name changes optional, still? Is there any red tape attached?

      By the way, how are you? :)
    14. BigfootAUS
      Messaged you!
    15. DdogTheKing
      I'm curious to know where did you get that avi? Or did you make that?
    16. Lenny
      [b]Shining Raikou[/b], I know! How have you been?
    17. Fancy
      Thank you! :D
    18. Drohn
      Thank you, Zack! It will be great to work with you and thank you for all your help and guidance! <3
    19. Luispipe8
      Happy Birthday, SR! :D Enjoy it!
    20. Brave Vesperia
      Brave Vesperia
      Happy Birthday!
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    Shining Raikou has been the Administrator of PokeBeach since 2010, and he joined the staff in 2008. A frequent visitor before actually joining the forums, he has long admired the community at PokeBeach for it's kind, helpful, and inquisitive nature. It's something he wanted to really amplify and continues to carry into the future at his post as Administrator, and at his positions on PokeBeach's Executive Board.

    SR believes in the power of community to change the future of the site, to improve it as the years go on. To do this, we need committed and driven people. If ever you want to do even more for PokeBeach than what you already do as a member, reach out to SR for information about becoming a staff member. We are definitely open to considering anyone who wants to learn and help out. Remember, at one point, SR was once only a concerned member with ideas!

    In real life, SR has amassed many skills. He has worked in retail management, culinary, art, design, marketing, business, automotive, and more. He currently is a leading chef at one of the fastest growing and top rated restaurants in Columbus. He sees himself as a modern renaissance man, and does his best to adapt to every challenge thrown his way. Life can drag you many different ways, but it also has many lessons to teach along the way if you are open minded.

    For more, talk to me! I don't bite, I promise. :)




    Poké - Head of Forums & Chat Room

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