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Nov 13, 2018
Jun 10, 2008
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Shining Raikou

Your friendly neighborhood Raikou fan!, Male, from United States

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Nov 13, 2018
    1. Brave Vesperia
      Brave Vesperia
      "If you already sent, we can get in contact with him to arrange to get your cards back. If he doesn't respond in a week or so, then see about filing mail fraud."

      I would like you to contact him for me, please. I was also trading with him and he probably received my end by now, so is it possible if you can get him to either send his end (which I prefer the most) or send my end back? If he doesn't respond by next Saturday can I file for mail fraud against him?
    2. Hot N' Spicy
    3. DNA
      [16:39] <~Shining_Raikou> Ok, just had to adjust something. Back to finals projects.
      [16:39] * ~Shining_Raikou disappears for another week

      okay, THAT explains why I haven't seen you in ages.
      That's a relief. I thought you abandoned us to our own devices.
    4. Bluerang1
      [b]Shining Raikou[/b], Indeed lol. I wanted to go there on Saturday but didn't.
    5. Bluerang1
      You went to AMC? I went to Polaris =3
    6. #1weavile
    7. Shivershaft
      alright im going on mirc if you're ready, everyone is online on the forums :b
    8. Nitro
      So the chat was a sucess?
    9. Juliacoolo
      Ready when you are
    10. Verbivore
      Where would I start a thread where people could give their opinion on what dmaster should change his name to?
      I like the thread idea!
    11. Lil Wayne
    12. Lil Wayne
      Lil Wayne
      Nice avvy! What show did you get it from?
    13. Vortex
      Hope you keep your username. :3
      It only makes sense to have Shining Raikou and King Arceus as S-Mods. ;)
    14. DNA
      ah dangit.
      I accidentally posted a thread instead of saving it as a draft. Fortunately I hid it.

      ...In any case, it's the Rulings Forum draft I've been working on over the past couple months. would you mind giving it a read and see if it's worthy of being released to the general public? (the intent is to be a sticky)
    15. Zero
      *licks ShiningRaikou*
    16. MrGatr
    17. Nigel
      LOVE your avatar!
    18. I like your Raikou picture.
    19. Guts
      lol, Your usertitle is genius. XD
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    Shining Raikou has been the Administrator of PokeBeach since 2010, and he joined the staff in 2008. A frequent visitor before actually joining the forums, he has long admired the community at PokeBeach for it's kind, helpful, and inquisitive nature. It's something he wanted to really amplify and continues to carry into the future at his post as Administrator, and at his positions on PokeBeach's Executive Board.

    SR believes in the power of community to change the future of the site, to improve it as the years go on. To do this, we need committed and driven people. If ever you want to do even more for PokeBeach than what you already do as a member, reach out to SR for information about becoming a staff member. We are definitely open to considering anyone who wants to learn and help out. Remember, at one point, SR was once only a concerned member with ideas!

    In real life, SR has amassed many skills. He has worked in retail management, culinary, art, design, marketing, business, automotive, and more. He currently is a leading chef at one of the fastest growing and top rated restaurants in Columbus. He sees himself as a modern renaissance man, and does his best to adapt to every challenge thrown his way. Life can drag you many different ways, but it also has many lessons to teach along the way if you are open minded.

    For more, talk to me! I don't bite, I promise. :)




    Poké - Head of Forums & Chat Room

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