Seven is a Color
Jul 12, 2013
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Oct 16, 1994 (Age: 25)

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Seven is a Color

Spinda Doctors, Female, 25


    1. Oreo9238
      My friend always says that he can smell the color nine.
      XD great username, bio, and sig!
    2. grantm1999
      i'm gonna copy ur sig ok? ty
    3. Drohn
      I read your signature and bio. I feel like I should get a reward now.. xD
    4. AlexanderTheAwesome
    5. Meaty
      I just felt the need to post here and tell you I love your username. I kid you not, whenever someone asks me what my favorite color is I almost always answer "7." Their reactions are always hilariously confused.
    6. Scorched Feathers
      Scorched Feathers
      [b]Seven is a Color[/b], :o
      is there an 8 crayon?
    7. Brave Vesperia
      Brave Vesperia
      Hi! Welcome to PB! 7 is a very good color! :p I read that you like desserts. Which one would you say is your favorite? For me it's cake!
    8. Breakfast Cereal
    9. Scorched Feathers
      Scorched Feathers
      Hey! Is seven really a colour? :o
    10. Drohn
      [quote]I'm afraid to voice disagreement with anyone who has power over me. I'm always afraid that if I fail or do/say anything they don't like, I'll face punishment. On the Internet, that goes for moderators and admins too. I don't want to get banned, spanked, grounded, screamed at, expelled, imprisoned, or executed so I'm extremely careful about what I say and do and always keep a serious demeanor around parents, teachers, police officers, etc. [/quote]
      Oh man, you're in trouble now.. Haha, just kidding. The staff here luckily isn't very scary. :D (I don't think so at least. :P)
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    Oct 16, 1994 (Age: 25)
    Desserts (brownies, cheesecake, ice cream, cookies, etc.).
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    People get offended when you stare at them while complaining because you lost their phone number so you have to travel a long way and watch out for zombies that eat explosive snakes and call you honey in New Zealand while sitting with a young dinosaur who is sad because his mom never called back to ask him how college is going so now he sings and stalks radioactive clones of Michael Jackson to avoid being punched by a mime and a scream in the water will make people cry when they read the newspaper that says insignificant amounts of poetry hurt Dr. Phil's ex-wife Jennifer to the point where a lot of people offered their support and allied with the spiders of the forested areas that several million people can live in and change into beautiful birds that can tell you that Morgan Freeman once tied with an iguana for best person to overuse "the" in instances in which light can convert to dollars per second only accept for angry porcupines because too many Mickey Mouse impersonators destroyed their toilet boats as a result of them running out of stainless steel to eat.


    Getting peanut butter cookies from the haunted house across the street made me realize a lot of things I never noticed before. Canadians are amassing an army of rubber forest animals so they can swim to the store without rusting into a drum and having to disinfect their car keys of printer ink. The simple solution to this is to declare leprechauns a fire hazard and watch a hundred thousand gallons of liquefied strawberries descend from the ears of an amphibious smiley face disguised as an astronaut.
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