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  • EspeonROX, Oh yeah are you with the LDS church? I am asking because I have been a Mormon since November 20th last year and was confirmed on the 21st during church XD.:)
    EspeonROX, Why would they throw a fit when you don't need to use a computer to trade. Half the time I am not on the computer and I don't need to worry about anything as long as you set a time in advance. My computer can even be completely disconnected from the network and I can still trade with my DS only XD.:)
    EspeonROX, Be sure and wait on Wi-Fi for 1 hour just in case I am not on yet XD. I will have the ones on Diamond then we can do the Platinum ones afterwards if your mic is on XD. Thanks.:)
    EspeonROX, That is usually my dinner hour man. If you can be only on Wi-Fi at 8 PM PST I might be able to VC as well XD. I will plan to be on Wi-Fi only so if you can make it then that will be good XD.:)
    EspeonROX, don't question, just sent back and enjoy the show.

    Seriously, idk, apparently me and safariblade have some hat girl avy contest. It's been going on for a long time now (two months) and I have no idea why it's still happening lolololololol ;)
    EspeonROX, Her name is Nunya Business.

    C Wut I Did Thar?

    But yeah, she is like 7 years older that Rebecca Black.
    ohai EspeonROX! For the record, I totally agree with your username. Until Galvantula came along, Espeon was my favorite.
    Ok I will be on about 9 or 10 PM PST tomorrow night to trade. I hope you will be here and ready to trade. See you tomorrow night XD.:)
    EspeonROX, I can't VC right now but I can trade. Let me register your FC then I will be on XD.:)
    EspeonROX, Not much. I don't know you much, but since we are fellow mods, hi!
    *safariblade offers a handshake.*
    EspeonROX, Yup. I probably have everything man. First we will start on Diamond. What is your FC XD?:) Remember we trade the 2 to you then after they are traded we trade right back XD.:)
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