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    Pokemon Pokémon Associated with Royalty?

    I also never classified Lapras as a female Pokemon, I always talked about them only in the male gender.
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    Video: Evolution of Pokemon Designs

    I really like your videos, made very high quality and thought out, it is clear that you have done a tremendous job.
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    Pokemon How did you discover Pokémon?

    My acquaintance with Pokemon began in elementary school, my first McDonald's figurine was Pikachu, which I still have, but tastes change over time.
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    Art Gallery Pokemon Cards + Lofi Mixes

    Guys, you make interesting videos, I really love watching the unpacking.
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    Discussion Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remakes 2021

    I remember how I collected Pokemon at school, and now my little ones play them, I would like to see remakes of Diamond and Pearl, I think they will be cooler than the original.