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    Team PokéBeach

    PDC, I would be happy to help you. I've been competitive battling for a year now, and I like to think I make decent teams. Just PM me sometime soon, and I'll give ya my Msn. Then we can try to make a great team based on a style of play you want.
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    Writing ~Combined Effort~

    Well, this is the start of a story. Combined Effort Introduction Another dream about them. About 3 months ago was when I had my first. Since then I have had two or three every week, and they were getting more and more frequent. These are dreams of dangerous creatures, those of which I...
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    Is it Possible to change Username?

    I think it's just because there MOD's, they can have access to it. Or you have a great relationship with WPM and he changes it for you..
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    Team PokéBeach

    I hope that being new on Pokébeach means I can't join! I'm not new to clans, as I'm in a very good one on purplesurge. 1/ Definitely. I wish to be one of the best out there, even if it means conquering the changing metagame. (Bulky Offense to Stall was a tough one). I'll be very active! ~...