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    “Astral Radiance” English Set List & Trainer Gallery, Cut Cards, and Info!

    VSTAR Universe could well be turned into a Shining Fates or Celebrations type miniset in early 2023 yet. I imagine the reason why VMAX Climax wasn't was because 2021 had just had those two minisets and 2022 is about to have the PoGo set as well. Also, I imagine they won't be doing character...
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    “Astral Radiance” English Set List & Trainer Gallery, Cut Cards, and Info!

    I don't think that any of the character art cards will be promos. Currently you have 40 listed, with 8 more from Dark Phantasma not included - that makes 48. Add the 4 unreleased gold cards and the inevitable next 8 from the next japanese subset after Lost Abyss and that's a perfect 60 - 30 each...
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    Nine More “Astral Radiance” English Cards Revealed!

    where was abomasnow confirmed? going in line with the others TG01 is more than likely roserade from battle region
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    “Sword & Shield Precious Collector Box” Featuring Pikachu Promo and Premium Accessories!

    I think the card he's fully covering on the box and album is Giratina VSTAR, it has the dragon type energy symbol/scratches
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    Gallade V, Mr. Mime from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    should be 24 hours from the time of this reply give or take
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    42 “Time Gazer” and “Space Juggler” Secret Rares!

    machamp's alt art is in stow-on-side from sword and shield, odd that they're still directly referencing SWSH now that we're in the BDSP/PLA era of the tcg
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    Hisuian Sneasler V, Rapidash Line from ‘Space Juggler!’

    i guess yell horn could be good with sneasler, it has free retreat and dark patch should be good to build a second one quickly
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    “Battle Region” Secret Rares Leaking!

    I think all 3 starters could still be getting golds, and the unaccounted card between samurott rainbow and typhlosion gold is a single prize shiny SR like in the older SWSH sets. Just has to be grass/fire/water/lightning or a gen 1 psychic pokemon. Maybe the Star Birth/Brilliant Stars Floatzel...
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    “Battle Region” Secret Rares Leaking!

    If shiny SR single prizers are still in I think the card after Samurott could be Bibarel, going by type order
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    “Battle Region” Secret Rares Leaking!

    Is it just me, or is that Typhlosion VSTAR gold a little off? It doesn't have the gold outlines and minimised shading like Samurott VSTAR and Arceus VSTAR, nor does it look half as sparkly. Also, the box at the top with its name is solid gold instead of see-through and the Star Power box isn't...
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    Muk, Grimer, and Tropius from ‘Star Birth!’

    do you really want hypnotoxic lazer back
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    All ‘VMAX Climax’ Secret Rares Revealed!

    based on whats in the main set 197 has to be banette 207 is almost certainly obstagoon 209 is probably druddigon 211 has to be snorlax 213-215 are kricketune v, orbeetle v and orbeetle vmax respectively
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    Houndoom Character Rare from ‘VMAX Climax’ Revealed!

    Why Grimsley when Karen uses Houndoom as her ace in most media and had a Single Strike supporter card to go with it?
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    25th Anniversary Pikachu Cards Revealed, Including Surfing Pikachu V, Birthday Pikachu, Pikachu V-UNION!

    Surfing Pikachu VMAX WWW Max Surf This attack does 30 Damage to each of your opponent's Benched Pokemon Flying Pikachu VMAX LCC Max Balloon