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    Dialga and Garchomp C LV.X from ’25th Anniversary Collection!’

    *Luxchomp Vietnam flashbacks intensifies*
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    Tsareena V, Falinks from ‘Fusion Arts’

    The damage on the Tsareena pic says 40 in the text but the translation says 30.
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    Ultra PRO Releasing New Booster Box Displays!

    Just what we always asked for, a box for a sealed box of sealed product Fml
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    First Teaser Info for S6 'Silver Lance' and 'Jet-Black Spirit!'

    Tauros could be very good. Has access to single strike shenanigans, powerful energy, spiritomb ingredients (spikemuth switching etc), Cape etc. Can't wait to try.
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    Ultra PRO 'Seaside' Pokemon TCG Accessories This Summer!

    Imagine defending this creative bankruptcy.
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    First Teaser Info for S6 'Silver Lance' and 'Jet-Black Spirit!'

    Grapploct could be fun with Galar Mine, hammers etc.
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    First Teaser Info for S6 'Silver Lance' and 'Jet-Black Spirit!'

    So we should all blindly accept 100 charizards per set, got it.
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    Pokemon World Championships Again Delayed Until Next Year

    Good. There are far more important things to worry about than this card game and hopefully by then tbis pandemic will be over. We can wait. If you can't, you need to get your priorities straight.
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    McDonald's 25th Anniversary Pokemon Promotion Starts in February -- Way Too Many Goodies!

    If you're an adult eating Happy Meals there's something going wrong
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    Pokemon Launches 25th Anniversary Site and Trailer, Announces Music Partnership with Katy Perry

    Katy Perry hasn't been relevant in a fu ck ing decade lmao
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    I Accidently Broke Our Twitter!

    Most of Twitter is a toilet anyway lol
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    Uri Geller Gives Pokemon Permission to Make Kadabra Cards Again!

    Took him f u c k i n g long enough.