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Oct 5, 2016
Feb 4, 2013
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目がピアノを弾く, Male, from <insert country here> (actually australia)


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Oct 5, 2016
    1. DNA
      [quote]DNA, is that yours or someone else's? [/quote]
      Someone else's
    2. RaichuGirl
      [b]Lemonnade[/b], Melbourne
    3. WanderingWolf
      You're from Australia?! Just read your bio, I too am from NSW, Newcastle, wbu?
    4. RaichuGirl
      [b]Lemonnade[/b], yeah I am. Which State? :D
    5. RaichuGirl
      Oh hey, I didn't know you were from Australia.
    6. Hegafire
      Happy Birthday!
    7. Fancy
      Happy Birthday!
    8. Brave Vesperia
      Brave Vesperia
      Happy Birthday!
    9. Matryoshka
      lawl you found out my past self .-.
    10. Matryoshka
      [b]Lemonnade[/b], Ohemgee, we're like Tyranitwinsies :O
    11. bagoly14
      [b]Lemonnade[/b], Thanks for the recommendations, we are planning to change both of those things you mentioned! The website is still in beta mode because my designer doesn't currently have access to good imaging software (long story) so we couldn't jazz up the site...I don't plan on keeping plain text for the categories or those terrible my cart and login/register buttons LOL!
    12. bagoly14
      [b]Lemonnade[/b], Yes, I have no problem selling. I have sent you PM.
    13. DNA
      [b]Lemonnade[/b], as long as it's not super unreasonable, yes
    14. DNA
      [b]Lemonnade[/b], you can go for Armaldo if you want. It is Bug-type, after all.
    15. DNA
      It's actually common knowledge now that swag stands for "secretly we are gay" (or "someone who acts gay"). But you played it safe, that's fine too! _b
    16. Smeargle
      Shiny Ponyta > Shiny exxecute.
    17. Blui
      Late welcome to the 'beach! Glad to see another Aussie on here :D
    18. rev3rsor
      Thanks! Welcome to my profile :)
    19. Baby_BI
      Hey! Welcome to Pokebeach! :)
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    Home Page:
    <insert country here> (actually australia)
    Pokemon! Also: Portal 2, piano, bonking Victini EX's with Articuno blizzard and making people rage quit because base set energy removal is so awesome.
    TCG/VG Accomplishments:
    Nothing :P Well, I went to a plasma storm prerelease and got Articuno EX :D Apparently there were prizes for top 6 at my prerelease... Came 7th D: (this doesn't really count as a tournament win though; also there aren't many near where I live and in the school holidays which are the only times I'm free.)
    Pokemon Involvement:
    • Collector
    Generation Started:
    1/3/14: oh dear I never update this
    So hi! I dunno what's important to say here since my interests are covered above. I'm a Christian, that's one notable thing.
    Well, I play piano and arrange/compose a bit when I have time. That's a bit harder now that school's started but I do try to make time for my own stuff. You can see it on my youtube channel (in my sig) and/or website (which I try to update whenever anything new pops up; also in my sig).
    I also draw sometimes. Not much; just whenever I have a good idea. My deviantart is in my sig (it's rev3rsor btw).
    There's not much more notable here tbh.
    I don't go on chat (anywhere) much so there aren't really many quotes. But there's a few.
    (I have a PE assignment which involves researching a drug the teacher has assigned to us.)
    [12:58:13 PM] friend: so whatcha going?
    [12:58:17 PM] friend: *doing
    [12:58:19 PM] me: pe
    [12:58:22 PM] me: assignment
    [12:58:37 PM] friend: that
    [12:58:42 PM] friend: about that
    [12:58:43 PM] me: it's not very hard
    [12:58:46 PM] friend: ik
    [12:58:51 PM] friend: what drug r u taking?
    [12:58:53 PM] me: i have all the information for part a on one website
    [12:58:56 PM] me: none atm
    [12:59:04 PM] me: maybe panadol if my sore throat gets too bad
    [12:59:15 PM] friend: then how r u going to do the asignment
    [12:59:22 PM] friend: if you dont have a drug to research
    [12:59:33 PM] me: i don't have to take the drug to research it
    [12:59:48 PM] friend: what drug r u doing???
    [12:59:51 PM] friend: geez
    [12:59:53 PM] me: none
    [12:59:56 PM] me: i don't do drugs
    [1:00:05 PM] friend: (facepalm)
    [1:00:08 PM] friend: stop trollng
    [1:00:08 PM] me: hehehehehe
    [1:00:10 PM] me: ghb
    [1:00:17 PM] me: i didn't even know what that was
    [1:00:18 PM] friend: thats what i do
    [1:00:24 PM] me: really?
    [1:00:25 PM] me: naughty
    [1:00:29 PM] me: you shouldn't do drugs
    [1:00:35 PM] friend: i always troll
    [1:00:35 PM] me: and not ghb, it's bad for you
    [1:00:37 PM] friend: you dont
    [1:00:39 PM] friend: dont start
    [1:00:45 PM] me: i won't, ghb is bad for me

    yeah. Maybe talk to me if you want to say hi; I think I'm nice :D


    Formerly Lemonnade.
    My Youtube channel
    My deviantart
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