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Oct 5, 2016
Feb 4, 2013
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目がピアノを弾く, Male, from <insert country here> (actually australia)


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Oct 5, 2016
    1. WanderingWolf
      'I was attempting to counter WW's statement.'

      I apologize for being right...
    2. Professor Palutena
      Professor Palutena
      [b]rev3rsor[/b], Eh. It's fine.

      Hopefully time zones aren't cruel to you again.
    3. Professor Palutena
      Professor Palutena
      You're up in the challenge.
    4. WanderingWolf
      [b]rev3rsor[/b], the reason I had the name James in my username:

      Privacy Reasons
    5. WanderingWolf
      [b]rev3rsor[/b], I can tell you either in a 2 word reasons, or a paragraph?
    6. WanderingWolf
      'I'm pretty sure that's currently (or was previously) illegal because bushfires.'

      Previously. Although, you'd only get a fine for smoking publicly. At least that's how our City Council made it o_O
    7. professorlight
      [b]rev3rsor[/b], You really [i]are[/i] bad at humor... I thought you were exaggerating, honestly.
    8. WanderingWolf
      [b]rev3rsor[/b], in response to what you told Celever, welcome to Britain (This is what he sent me when I questioned him being hungover...)
    9. Scorched Feathers
      Scorched Feathers
      [b]rev3rsor[/b], go look for it on Youtube :P
    10. Scorched Feathers
    11. Scorched Feathers
      Scorched Feathers
      [b]rev3rsor[/b], it's from the traditional version, which is sung in old Japanese, and uses Kanji for its phonetic value :3
      And yes, all forms of Senbonzakura are awesome. :D
    12. Professor Palutena
      Professor Palutena
      [b]rev3rsor[/b], Maybe.
    13. Professor Palutena
      Professor Palutena
      [b]rev3rsor[/b], teehee
    14. Nod3
      Haha I'm a recluse too, I really don't leave the house unless it's school time ^^
    15. WanderingWolf
      [b]rev3rsor[/b], you read the little hades quote, right? Everyone but the winning team votes a member out after this challenge.

      After this, there's only going to be 15 people left. At least 1 team will be down to 3 members, at least 1 of us will be down to 4 members, and if one of our teams win this round, then a third of the players will be that team :P
    16. WanderingWolf
      [b]rev3rsor[/b], because inevitably either one us, or both of us will lose a member, and we're the only two teams who haven't yet.

      (And the fact that I already have a point, and I can afford to lose one to you guys in order to get another picture :3)
    17. WanderingWolf
      [b]rev3rsor[/b], I get the word straight and line from the second picture, and 'Astronomy symbols' for the second one...

      Cant get it though.
    18. WanderingWolf
      Can you have a go at guessing for the third challenge :P
    19. WanderingWolf
      Happy new year!
    20. BigfootAUS
      You've got til Boxing Day, if you're in Australia. Most of Australia is near GMT+10 (well, I AM exactly on that), and the deadline is 11:30pm in GMT-8. You have plenty of time!
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    Home Page:
    <insert country here> (actually australia)
    Pokemon! Also: Portal 2, piano, bonking Victini EX's with Articuno blizzard and making people rage quit because base set energy removal is so awesome.
    TCG/VG Accomplishments:
    Nothing :P Well, I went to a plasma storm prerelease and got Articuno EX :D Apparently there were prizes for top 6 at my prerelease... Came 7th D: (this doesn't really count as a tournament win though; also there aren't many near where I live and in the school holidays which are the only times I'm free.)
    Pokemon Involvement:
    • Collector
    Generation Started:
    1/3/14: oh dear I never update this
    So hi! I dunno what's important to say here since my interests are covered above. I'm a Christian, that's one notable thing.
    Well, I play piano and arrange/compose a bit when I have time. That's a bit harder now that school's started but I do try to make time for my own stuff. You can see it on my youtube channel (in my sig) and/or website (which I try to update whenever anything new pops up; also in my sig).
    I also draw sometimes. Not much; just whenever I have a good idea. My deviantart is in my sig (it's rev3rsor btw).
    There's not much more notable here tbh.
    I don't go on chat (anywhere) much so there aren't really many quotes. But there's a few.
    (I have a PE assignment which involves researching a drug the teacher has assigned to us.)
    [12:58:13 PM] friend: so whatcha going?
    [12:58:17 PM] friend: *doing
    [12:58:19 PM] me: pe
    [12:58:22 PM] me: assignment
    [12:58:37 PM] friend: that
    [12:58:42 PM] friend: about that
    [12:58:43 PM] me: it's not very hard
    [12:58:46 PM] friend: ik
    [12:58:51 PM] friend: what drug r u taking?
    [12:58:53 PM] me: i have all the information for part a on one website
    [12:58:56 PM] me: none atm
    [12:59:04 PM] me: maybe panadol if my sore throat gets too bad
    [12:59:15 PM] friend: then how r u going to do the asignment
    [12:59:22 PM] friend: if you dont have a drug to research
    [12:59:33 PM] me: i don't have to take the drug to research it
    [12:59:48 PM] friend: what drug r u doing???
    [12:59:51 PM] friend: geez
    [12:59:53 PM] me: none
    [12:59:56 PM] me: i don't do drugs
    [1:00:05 PM] friend: (facepalm)
    [1:00:08 PM] friend: stop trollng
    [1:00:08 PM] me: hehehehehe
    [1:00:10 PM] me: ghb
    [1:00:17 PM] me: i didn't even know what that was
    [1:00:18 PM] friend: thats what i do
    [1:00:24 PM] me: really?
    [1:00:25 PM] me: naughty
    [1:00:29 PM] me: you shouldn't do drugs
    [1:00:35 PM] friend: i always troll
    [1:00:35 PM] me: and not ghb, it's bad for you
    [1:00:37 PM] friend: you dont
    [1:00:39 PM] friend: dont start
    [1:00:45 PM] me: i won't, ghb is bad for me

    yeah. Maybe talk to me if you want to say hi; I think I'm nice :D


    Formerly Lemonnade.
    My Youtube channel
    My deviantart
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