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    Shiny Zacian and Zamazenta Events at Gamestop!

    Fun fact: prior to this event, the only way obtain a shiny Zacian/Zamazenta was through illegitimate methods, such as hacking. The mascot dogs are shiny locked, which means you cannot obtain a shiny version in the game.
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    ‘Dark Phantasma’ Trademark Filed by Pokemon

    We did get Mega Sharpedo (XY200) and Mega Camerupt (XY198). As for Mega Sableye, we got Mega Sableye and Tyranitar GX (UNM 245).
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    Alt. Format Post Rotation: Victini VMAX

    Hello! With rotation kicking out all the GXs from standard, Victini Vmax can become more of a threat in the standard format. I wanted to make a deck that would allow Victini to score a lot of KOs, especially on Pokemon V. Any feedback would be appreciated! - Pokemon - 19x - 3 Victini V (SSH) -...
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    More ‘Fusion Arts’ Cards Revealed, Including Deoxys With Three Battle Styles!

    Chandelure Vmax is Gengar and Mimikyu GX's successor - can't wait to play this :D
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    Help V-Union search

    Will V-Unions be searchable with quick ball or evo incense (or neither)? I'm just curious because I'm thinking of making a deck with them in it. Thanks in advance.
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    ‘Evolving Skies’ English Set List: Over 90 Cards Cut!

    Claydol's not here. I was hoping to make a deck with it and Lycanroc Vmax. :(