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  • Professor Palutena, Can I be involved, at least? It's alright if you prefer to GM with her; she has experience here, and I'm probably not be best person to co-GM a game here, but I would love to see what you two are planning.
    Professor Palutena, thanks Bippa n_n

    fun fact: I thought for the longest time your username was "Paulena" instead of "Palutena" e_e
    Professor Palutena, Sorry, haven't had much time tonight to be on. I can't test in the next few days, but if come Friday evening you still need an opinion I could test with you (either against each other or you could send me the export and I'll have a look).
    Professor Palutena, I did that for a game. All single-player-parties, but they could make teams at their discretion. Even with people who are against them.
    I'm sure we can come up with something better. Maybe get hades into it. He would adore a new chance.
    Professor Palutena, Glorious indeed (unless you lose interest. again.). Do you have anything in mind? you never told me what you were planning for TC6. I, myself, have been getting quite a lot of practice in messing with my players's heads; last game I ran I managed to make one of the good guys scan himself, because he suspected he was a bad guy.
    It was absolutely brilliant, if I do say so myself.
    Professor Palutena, Or maybe they did.
    The only way it would have been worth it is if they just looked at your application and said "Oh dear god, not again, this time they will kill the players!".

    Considering that it seems to be the center of the entire forums right now, I don't doubt it.
    Professor Palutena, C'mon, tolkien elves are like, the best kind of elves.
    I know! it's kind of sad too. We decided that we would just sit and watch. Too bad we'll never get the chance for a last challenge.
    Professor Palutena, I know, I joined a lot before you did, and even I noticed it; I was talking with chaos jackal the other day, and we came to the conclusion that the days of us old timers (you even more than I) are ending. It'll be like the elves at the end of Return of the king.
    Professor Palutena, Huh, I had a similar incident (similar); but I returned momentarily and noticed you had come back too, so I stopped by for a while. This place is changing a lot.

    Well, far be it from me to seem insistent, but you know you'll be always welcome on cracked; lots of mature, hilarious, and above all, nice people playing there.
    Professor Palutena, I know that feeling all too well; 4 years in, and I haven't got even half the necessary classes. Not to mention I still the calculus II final to take level III classes.

    What? you're not kidding? they just... what? that's... sigh.
    I should have seen that coming, really. I think they still have you scheduled for werewolf, though? Or did they... forget, that, too?
    Professor Palutena, I don't think it will. It works fine for Pit, right? Although, maybe hot springs are safer.

    With highs and lows, really; I've been suffering school and other things, playing smash bros, making more games than I can realistically run, ran another game, and I'm about to start playing a new one, based off of mad max.

    How about you? did college release you now? we've both been out of here for a while; we even missed the opportunity to rain misery on pokebeach once again with the challenge 6.
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