Professor Palutena
Feb 19, 2009
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February 13
High School Teacher

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Professor Palutena

The Queen, Male, from Canada


Fizz Icks Jun 27, 2017

    1. Professor Palutena
      Professor Palutena
      I'm not seeing why people think all my mod views are amazing....

      If anything, its kinda stalker-ish.
    2. Vortex
      Wow, six mod views since the 1st. Amazing.
    3. Afro-G
      Sure did, [b]Bippa201[/b]. You seem like a pretty smart guy. =)
    4. Rusty Sticks
      Rusty Sticks
      What the heck...all the mods viewing your profile...

      [s]totally future mod[/s]
    5. Afro-G
      Look at all of the mods that have viewed your profile.... o_o
    6. safariblade
      [b]Bippa201[/b], My favs are Dragonite, Slamence, Weezing, and Machamp,
    7. Professor Palutena
      Professor Palutena
      Well this is kinda cool.
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    February 13
    High School Teacher
    History, English, Education Psychology, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Mario, Super Smash Bros., Kid Icarus
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    Considering I've been here for like 7 years, I guess I should probably actually introduce myself.

    ...yeah, that might be a good idea!

    Hi! I'm Professor Palutena, otherwise known as Bippa, Astra, Peachy and probably Scrubface McButt to someone. I dunno. Feel free to call my Austin as well. Real names online are super weird though! I'm a 22 year old from Snowland... I mean Canada!

    Anyways, I'm a high school teacher!. I think education is fundamental to society and we live in a world where few students actually appreciate it. I specialize in English and History, two of my passions that I try to pass on to those I teach.

    I'm a Christian. That said, I don't want you to think that I have superiority issues due to my religion. Jesus says that the second greatest law is to love one another and this is how I live my life. So please don't be afraid of me! I don't bite... I promise. Also if you've got Bible/Christianity/God stuff you're interested in talking about, hit me up!

    I've done a lot with my time here on PokeBeach. I've served in every staff position short of Administrator and Trade Council. My positions have always involved my connection with Pokemon Video Games. However, my interest in Pokemon has been waning for years and I really just hang out here for the forum games community because the vast majority of my friends have left and the ones I have left hang out there. That said, I love Pokken Tournament. If you play it, let me know and we can exchange NNIDs.

    So I think that's about all for this bio for now. Hopefully you guys get to know me a bit better after this, because we're a super cool community here and you should come hang out!

    Shout outs to Vom, Celever, bbninjas, professorlight, Athena, PG24 and PMJ for being the coolest bros!


    "Let's do the Odyssey!"
    Join the Discord Server!
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