Prince Dedenne
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Oct 2, 2017
Aug 22, 2013
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Jul 12, 1994 (Age: 26)
San Antonio, Texas, USA

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Prince Dedenne

Elite Shiny Hunter, Male, 26, from San Antonio, Texas, USA


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Oct 2, 2017
    1. JCGKVK6325
      [b]Prince Dedenne[/b],

      Honestly I dont know why those were on there. My bad
    2. WanderingWolf
      Involving The Challenge:

      If there is a challenge for when you come back in, and you don't just have a free pass and get to kick someone, I'd be willing to help you get back in either with the challenge, or supporting you.
    3. Keeper of Night
      Keeper of Night
      Nevermind, it was already answered. :(
    4. MMAmonchan
      I'm online if u are. My in game name is Terraneous.
    5. xDkoYx
      [b]Prince Dedenne[/b], Yea I hope we do too :). I also have an unburden treecko and iron fist chimchar for ya if you want.
    6. Shining Goodra
      Shining Goodra
      Bee boo bee boo bee boo!
    7. Scorched Feathers
      Scorched Feathers
      Kalos League chat
      get on it!
    8. WanderingWolf
      May I ask how you guys figured out PokeBreederKyle as a scammer :p

      Searched his name, or anything related and couldn't find a single thing other than the Pokebeach forums?
    9. Shining Goodra
      Shining Goodra
      [b]Prince Dedenne[/b], Get into the challenge and QT as soon as possible.
    10. WanderingWolf
      ''I tend to like electric type Pokémon more than fire types. (Hence my name)''

      Could have sworn your name was Prince Charmander...
    11. Reggie McGigas
      Reggie McGigas
      I'm ready to trade when you are
    12. dawnslight
      [b]Prince Dedenne[/b], Haha! No problem! Thank you for the trade as well! Hit me up again if you ever need more for whatever reason. :)
    13. dawnslight
      [b]Prince Dedenne[/b], It's Rei. And oops! Surprise! Some of the Vivillon have Pokerus on them. So you might want to check that.
    14. Mistryss Nite
      Mistryss Nite
      [b]Prince Dedenne[/b],
      Also, Thanks for the Snivy and Piplup! ^.^
    15. Mistryss Nite
      Mistryss Nite
      Thanks for the Chikorita! ^.^
    16. Muddy68
      Thanks so much, I at least gave you an Eevee :P
    17. Muddy68
      Lol I'm ready when you are, enjoy random pokemon from me
    18. Muddy68
      When you're ready, do you care what you get in return?
    19. Reggie McGigas
      Reggie McGigas
      [b]Prince Dedenne[/b], kk
    20. Reggie McGigas
      Reggie McGigas
      [b]Prince Dedenne[/b], Deal, but for some reason it won't let me go on the internet. Says the server is down
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    Jul 12, 1994 (Age: 26)
    San Antonio, Texas, USA
    Art (Painting, Drawing, and Crafting)
    Running (Track and Cross Country)
    Mountain Biking
    Soccer (Fútbol)
    Video Games (Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Pikmin.... almost anything Nintendo)
    I would have included Pokémon in the Video Games lists, but Pokémon isn't a video game.... ITS LIFE!
    TCG/VG Accomplishments:
    2016 TCG Season Update: 187/300 Championship points
    Top 16 Houston Regionals
    2nd place city finish
    Top 4 city finish
    Three Top 8 city finishes
    Some T4 LCs...
    Friend Code(s):
    Pokemon Involvement:
    • TCG Player
    • VG Player
    • Competitive TCG Player
    • Competitive VG Player
    • Episode Watcher
    • Movie Watcher
    • Collector
    • Crazy Collector
    • TCG Play! Pokémon Player
    • League Player
    Generation Started:
    Hello, you can call me Dedenne :)

    A little self bio:
    I joined PokéBeach because..... well, I love Pokémon!
    I love playing the video games, so profile me if you want to trade or battle!
    I'm a competitive TCG player as well.
    I was a VG Mod for over a year, and was the VG Super Mod for a while before sadly quitting thanks to irl work and time.

    Thanks for reading my well thought out bio. :p


    "There are no weak Pokémon, only weak trainers."
    ~ Siebold
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