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  • Hey I am back and will be online in a bit. My 3ds says you still need to add me though I have you as 1547-5244-0536 and my code is 0490 4651 6421
    Hi, could I possibily also get an ice shard phanpy? Sorry to bother you. Also I have a female extreme speed, aqua jet, iron tail dratini in a heal ball that you can have. it has high IVs but I didnt perfect it
    luckily i didn't sleep yet.was watching the front page news on pokebeach.want to trade now?

    edit:eek:ffline again?
    oh,well.seems we are gonna trade tomorrow
    i can wait one more hour
    if i don't see you online lets do it tomorrow 2.00am-6am usa time and 9am-6pm usa time
    let me know via profile message if you get back online

    edit :going to sleep since the time has passed.see you tomorrow
    thanks so much poonie!!!

    thats ok.if i put the pok close to other pok with pokerus it will spread,right?

    shall i wait for you today for the other two pok?
    or we will do it tomorrow?
    thanks poonie!!!.we can trade now if you like
    if you can do the rest today i can wait for you
    if not we can trade the rest tomorrow
    i made a final edit to my last post

    seeing you are online if you have anything ready we can trade
    hi!!so, if the pok i asked for are ready ,shall we say same time as before?
    2.00am-6am usa time and 9am-6pm usa time

    i can get online now if you like
    if not ,2am usa time is 9.00 am greece time
    sometimes the forum doesn't give pms notifications on time
    poonie, Thanks for the Pokémon also if you need anything just pm me I'm able to get almost anything and I'm cloning the 6Iv ditto soon too.
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