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    Where to buy in USA?

    RE: Loose Packs on Ebay Could be possible but don't always assume this though
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    Collecting Strategies: What is Yours?

    RE: Collecting Strategies: What are Yours? as a collector I buy singles of the ultra rares secrets and the more hard to find items first I only collect the foils and ultras. Japanese I buy booster boxes until the set is full done and sell my excess
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    TCG Complaint Thread

    I was not going to get in this argument but hey I might as well. Now weighing packs has been around since well when they started doing ultra rares and foils back in the basketball days, I think it is totally wrong as I for one have been stung by it, Now on the other hand (which is still wrong)...
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    TPCi and their Pull Rates

    Im just saying if the English version dose not sell and sales are declining and the Japanese sales are increasing TPCI could do this I know it is extreme. They could always improve their product ;). I am assuming the Japanese cards are printed in another factory away from the English version.
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    TPCi and their Pull Rates

    wizards do it if they are wizards of the coast internet retailer in America they can not sell to overseas market which sux because it cost around $160 to $180 for a box over here. [hr] yeah you have a point they could put rules in place and make online retailers be authorised sellers and can...
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    TPCi and their Pull Rates

    that there is talking about decks no were dose it say booster boxes I am talking about buying booster boxes online from another country I.E I live in Australia and I want to buy from the American market as it is cheaper. Now my point is if people are sick and tired of the quality of cards and...
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    TPCi and their Pull Rates

    Go Japanese you can about 4 boxes shipped to Australia for the price of one English box and much better quality [hr] Soon every one will go Japanese, then pokemon will do what wizard s of the coast do, the have put a restriction of buying boxes overseas. As I live in Australia it is far cheaper...
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    Collecting "How Much is This Card Worth?" / "Is This a Good Trade?"

    Hi how much would these cards be worth ◦Pikachu * - JP - 001/002 ◦Rayquaza ex - JP - 025/046 ◦Steelix ex - JP - 095/106 ◦Dragonite ex - JP - 038/054 ◦Politoed ex - JP - 027/106 ◦Raichu ex - JP - 002/015 ◦Muk ex - JP - 002/054 ◦Lapras ex - JP - 001/019
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    TPCi and their Pull Rates

    These pull rates are still a lot better that dragonball z one ultra rare in every 3 boxes and some sags were even 6 to 12 boxes and foil one three packs some times 2
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    Pokemoncatcher Awesome Trade thread Updated Added More Ultras topical beach jolton* vending machine

    hi mate interested in these lugia FA is traded Moltres EX Registeel EX Tornadus FA Rocket Entei EX played Rocket Moltres EX played Rocket Raikou EX played Mewtwo EX old played Reshiram EX (Promo) Black Kyurem (Promo)