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Burning Love!!

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May 25, 2020
    1. don()shinobi
      You excited for the Number 40 or the Roach reprint?
    2. don()shinobi
      These tins are so good, I'm getting 2 of each!
    3. don()shinobi
      don()shinobi to know...
    4. don()shinobi
      A Meklord is also a nice candidate, considering they had an army of them and all...
    5. don()shinobi
      Well, I have yet to confirm anything, but I heard that the Numbers past 100 are just fakes created by Barian...

      Also, I think I've cracked the code for the last promo card in the tins.
      "March forth with an invincible army!"
      Invincible: Cockroaches are some of the--if not, THE--most resilient animals living on our planet. They can survive a month without food, live on the glue that keeps postage stamps on the envelope, survive being submerged underwater for 30 minutes, survive without air for 45 minutes, and can take in 6-15 times more nuclear radiation than humans for such an amount to become lethal...
      Army: Armies generally are quite large, consisting of thousands and thousands of individuals. You could consider this a swarm.
      I predict the last tin promo is Steelswarm Roach.
    6. don()shinobi
      Well, who ever said that the Numbers would be 1 through 99/100? Though you could kind of assume, this fact was never specifically stated; just the amount of Numbers there were. I also guess it's possible that Number 107 could just be part of the 100 that the series implied...
    7. don()shinobi
      You think it's possible that Barian somehow lost his memories and THEY were scattered into another 100 Numbers?
    8. don()shinobi
      ...what., basically every Number that has been revealed in the anime was very shortly after revealed in card form, so I'd like to hope;
    9. don()shinobi
      Thrasher is just another easily special summonable level 4 Warrior. This lets me get into Heroic Champion Excalibur or Blade Armor Ninja in a multitude of ways.
      - Thrasher + Gawayn
      - Thrasher + Sparkman/Artorigus
      - Sparkman/Artorigus + Gawayn
      - Rabbit into 2 Artorigus/Sparkman
    10. don()shinobi
      I can see it now...budget warrior rabbit.

      2x Rescue Rabbit
      3x Noble Knight Artorigus
      3x Elemental HERO Sparkman
      3x Noble Knight Gawayn
      3x Photon Thrasher
      2x Tour Guide
      1x Sangan
    11. don()shinobi
    12. don()shinobi
      Or maybe it might be Leviair the Sea Dragon...
    13. don()shinobi
      Let's start with what we know.

      "Unleash an endless stream of vermin to plague your foes!": Likely Rescue Rabbit.
      "Rain fire from the skies!": the cover card dude
      "Or simply trample them beneath one of the largest dragons that has ever lived!": Malefic Truth Dragon.

      That leaves 2 left.
      "Use the seas to flood your enemies!"
      "March forth with an invincible army!"

      I'm guessing the former is either Shark Drake--it'd make sense, it takes 3 materials like Shock Master--or Superancient Deapsea King Coelacanth. As for the latter...Emes the Infinity?
    14. don()shinobi
      Rats are a type of vermin, rabbits and hares are also part of the vermin family.
    15. don()shinobi
      I have.
      Aren't rabbits classified as vermin?
    16. don()shinobi
      I'm trying to. The only thing I can think of for the water thingy in the Hieratic tin is Superancient Deapsea King Coelacanth.
    17. don()shinobi
      Rescue Rabbit AND Maxx "C" in the same tin?
      Dear LORD...considering the text suggests the last card is Tour Guide...this may very well be the best tin ever...
    18. Guts
      Montage videos for games like Halo and Call of Duty.
    19. Guts
      Not much else outside of School and my job. Yes, I'm that boring. :P

      I do work on YouTube videos from time to time, and I try to put a good amount of effort into them.
    20. Guts
      Oh man, that's some serious dedication. And the math will be pretty tough, I won't lie. I'm pretty confident in my abilities, though.
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