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  • Merci beaucoup! Pinkie, I'll be honest with you I don't remember how many eggs I hatched lol, I don't even know how to count how my eggs I hatched, but I presume around 900 eggs. BTW can you teach how to count my eggs lol? I just hatch them all the way without counting them. Don't give up Pinkie, there's a saying "Good things come to those who wait", it'll be worth it I know it'll be tedious. Make sure that you clone the shiny Pokemons that you hatch, keep an unused shiny Pokemon one in the box, and use the other for trades, and battles. ;)
    Hahaha Pinkie, I just hatched 4IV Shiny Modest Plus Mareep! On my Birthday! Merci beaucoup Pinkie. I'll clone this Mareep for you soon ok? My brother is having his exams, and I can't use his 3DS to clone. Once he's done from his exams I'll clone one for you. :)
    I'm shiny hunting for a 5IV shiny Mareep with the HA plus. I've been hatching eggs consecutivly for like 3 days, and still no shiny. :s
    Did you like my shinies? I hatched that Espurr via Masuda method lol. Pinkie there's more for you, If you keep getting me more 5IV foreign Pokemons. You'll be surprised! ;)
    Je suis désolé pour la réponse tardive :) I was sick for the past week I had a flu. But now I'm better, so yeah let's trade. I got you some good stuff! Whenever you're ready just trade with me. :)
    It's alright, you can get me a foriegn 5IV Mareep with plus, Whimsicott, Carbink, and breed them by myself to hatch them a shiny, and then I'll clone them for you.;) I want a competitive 5IV shiny Pokemon with egg moves! I explained in my thread how to easily catch HA Mareep in a horde, or any other HA Pokemon that appears in a horde.
    Je ne l'utilise un traducteur. Yeah I did use a translator hahaha! XD! I studied French only when I was in the 4th grade, and 5th grade. I only know the basics. Last year on August I traveled to France, to Paris. Anyway, are you excited for gen 3 remakes Pokemon Omega Ruby, & Alpha Sapphire? You can choose whatever you like in my list, as long as you can help me get my favorite shiny, I'll give you anything you like if you help me. I like shiny Pokemons that are coloured Blue, like Amapharos, Mothim, Gallade, Whimsicott Carbink. I like shiny Amapharos blue orbs! Please help me Pinkie :)
    Hello Yukina! :) Thanks for the Slakoth! Please add my brother's FC: 3222-5674-7234. His 3DS username is "Kerim", and his ingame player name is "Calem".
    Hello Pinkie, I apologize for making you wait too long, yes I'm online now! Is my male Koffing ready? I'll trade you a 5IV Cottonee instead of that 4IV one that I was about to trade.
    Hello again Pinkie! How are you? This is urgent, and I need your help! Can I have a male foreign Koffing? I don't have some good Pokemons with 5IV, but I have 4IV Cottonee that knows 2 egg moves switcheroo, and worry seed I can offer you in exchange of your male koffing? Please respond to me as soon as you can!
    Thanks for the Cherubi, Suicune, and the Azelf really appreciate it. I will breed this foriegn Cherubi of yours, with a lovely Pokemon. I'll surprise you when I'll showcase this Pokemon for trade.
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