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  • Pinkie, Sorry it took me so long to answer. I don't really know how to clone. And it's not my first pokemon by mm. I had quite a few in the fourth generation and a couple in the fifth. I won't use it because it has a bad nature (naughty), and considering that charizard's special defense is low as is, it would make him way too squishy. I know you like to collect shinies a lot more then me. So next time I see you I'll try to trade it to you. Btw I haven't answered because I've been playing Soul Silver for awhile because I'm trying to get all the legendaries in that game so I can transfer them over.
    Pinkie, Yeah, Darkrai is untouched and Mudkip isn't nicknamed either :)
    Just let me know you FC and in game name if you're interested :)
    Pinkie, The Darkrai is the May 2012 event and yes, they are shiny, I forgot to mention that :p
    Pinkie, Would it be possible to get 2? I have an event Darkrai and a Sandslash, Marowak, Geodude or Mudkip?
    It has 31/x/31/31/31/x and a naughty nature. But it has solar power and it's moves are ancient power, dragon dance, outrage, and dragon pulse.
    Wow I finally hatched a shiny using the ditto you gave me. I was about to fall asleep trying to breed a charmander with perfect 5 IVS, egg moves and hidden ability, when I looked over when an egg hatched after my eyes opened, and I was like wtf why is that charmander gold lol.
    Yeah, it'll be fun, better than the society of the depressing middle east, although I wonder what kind of people will I meet during my travel? It also means that I will get to download the exclusive in game store pokemons events that are in the UK! I'll clone the events, and share them with you. :)
    You know that memory person in Anistar city really creeps me out. I brought your blastoise there that you traded me and it said,"Blastoise was stared at by the judge intensely when it met him with Yukina. The Pokemon remembers it grinned.
    Bonjour Pinkie :) Yeah I never traveled alot only twice to the Netherlands, and once to France. When I traveled to France last year, I bought some cheap accessories for my Wii u from a gaming store called "Micromania". These accessories are kind of expensive in my country. So, this July I'll be traveling to the UK, to Liverpool because my University is in Liverpool. I know this will be a tiring journey, I have to look for an accommodation, and set things aside, so I can be prepared for my study year.
    Merci beacoup, Pinkie :) I do look like an American lol because I was educated in an American private school! I will enjoy the UK, my university study date begins in September, and I'm traveling this July. I'll show you some photos as well when I travel to the UK, I'll keep you updated don't worry. :)
    Hi Pinkie, I apologize for the late response, I had an appointment for visa application, so I can travel to the UK. Pinkie, I'm not from the USA, but I'm from middle east. You know I'd like tell you something, I was never been happy, since I was born in the depressing middle east. All we have is wars, because of Islam, terrorism, human trafficking, disregard for human rights, European expatriate womans get Stolen in countries like Qatar, UAE. But nevermind, Pinkie I hope you enjoy the Japan Expo, I wouldn't mind to see the photos you've had taken, I hope you find something pleasant in the Expo. Of course the USA has all the goodness, because the states get everything first. :)
    Hi Pinkie,
    Are your Pokeball Vivillon clones of an actual event Vivillon though? If so, I have a couple of Pokemon to trade with you if you'd like?
    Just message me if you're interested :)
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