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  • Pinkie, Ok sorry for the late reply, its the last week of football. When can you trade? I will be unavailable tommorow.
    Hi Pinkie! Long time no see!
    Are you available right now? I need to evolve my haunter, could you help me please?
    Thank you :)
    I think i'll be home tonight at about 11pm... And if you ever see me online in-game, just send me a trade request (if i don't see you first ^-^)
    Well... i've been trying to catch you the last few days XD

    But now i'm only avaible in the evening because of school x.o about... 7-8 pm :)
    Oh i have a few spare vivillons patterns if you need any..,. my fc is 0232-8858-0750
    I'm still looking for a Female mawile and a HA female raltss (And the vivillon at most)... tough i can't fnd your thread anymore. What can i get you? I got 5iv Smeargles, eevee's and vulpixes :eek:
    Hi Pinkie! I'm looking for a Monsoon vivillon. Are there still any patterns you need or....anything (simple) at all? ^-^ (Because i hardly have...anything rare =\... i can breed you a high iv eevee :D)
    My family arrived in the UK, it was an exhausting journey for them, from Heathrow's International airport in London to Liverpool is like 5 hours, an ahalf! My family never knew there was an airport local to Liverpool! It costed alot of money because of the cab they took! If I were with them I would've made everything simple for them. Oh, well nevermind. Few days, and I'll travel after them. Since my family are in the UK, they can set up my situation there, so I can have everything prepared for me, thankfully when I arrive. So, tell me do you like "Jeanne" the French Umbra witch from Bayonetta?
    Did you miss me? You haven't heard from me for awhile :) Pinkie all my family they applied for a tourist visa, except for me I applied for a student visa which is totally different. My family were in a hurry they booked tickets for a flight for tomorrow, that means I can't go with them, because my visa is issued 2 days after their flight, meaning they'll travel before me! :'( I'll wait for a week until my visa is issued, so I can travel after them, I'll stay at home for a week I'm HOME ALONE!
    Also I bought Emerald again, because I sold all my pokemon games when the fifth gen came out because I hated it so much. I regret that so much. I had all the gba games and every game for ds besides heartgold and pearl.
    Now trying to rebuild my collection and it's costing so much money.
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