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    Best of 2008

    Says the wanabe mod and over all suck up.
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    Best of 2008

    umm yeah coming to the reality that the beach is really noobish and getting dumber by the day and im dating an awsome girl
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    Pokebeach New Year Resolutions?

    ok mine are simple 1 party harder more often 2 stay with my gf 3 get laid (so close) 4 Get some thing else to do beside sit here on pokebeach all day.Really its kind of sad how often some of you are on this site. 5 work out more often/tan more im looking kind of white
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    The official Forum speak library!

    ohh on the one gtg ive also seen it typed as g2g (got 2 go)
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    what is your favorite drink?

    ohh adds to my list 151 rum
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    clothes? who wants to read this? probably no one...

    (goth) What i did not make any rash stament. jk just playin
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    Finished Gender Race: Boys 1 Girls 0 (You-person-person-you)

    RE: Gender Race (You-person-person-you) 426 FTW
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    clothes? who wants to read this? probably no one...

    Ok so my look ummm not much more to say then skater any one. mostly Tight pants and tees and alot of hoddies (great for hidding stuff)
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    what is your favorite drink?

    I do (ya ive broken the law) also for got to add mt.dew (love that stuff for like ever)
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    Favorite Band

    umm lets see 1 rise agients (some thing to die for) 2M&M (greatest rapper ever)3 OPM/cotton mouth kings 4slipknot 5 static x (get to the gone) 4 papa roach 5 green day (loved a LONG time) 6 t.i (you can have what ever you like) 7 smashing pumpkins 8offspring 9 system of a down (that most of it...
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    what is your favorite drink?

    h3ll ya to that scotty i love vodka (the best goes with any thing) aisde for that i also like redbull monster and rockstar but only the fruit punch flavor one
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    Stupid things you have done

    umm i got arrested
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    Finished Members vs Staff Members (You-person-person-you)

    RE: Members vs Staff Members lol 3
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    Ruling Official Ruling on Foreign Cards

    Or you can have a POP approved translation of the card that you must show when the card comes in to play.
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    The New Spelling and Grammar Rankings System: Check last post for updates

    RE: The New Spelling and Grammar Rankings System ha ha I went and looked she even spelled grammar wronge in bad rep.