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    Discussion What Team Do You Want to Use in the Storyline?

    So with the new reveal I think my team is definitely starting to form itself ! 1. Litten/Popplio. I'm leaning towards popplio because of Littens sucky final evolution. 2.Tsreena - bounsweet wasn't even on my radar til this morning, but this grass type is EVERYTHING for me. So excited to...
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    News Evolved Starter Pokemon and More Revealed for 'Sun' and 'Moon'!

    I kind of feel like either way they're playing us with it. If it's real they're aware by now it's leaked and rather confirming or denying it they're letting us speculate the crap out the rumors. Confirming bits and pieces to spark interest but they leave just enough mystery to keep us...
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    News Evolved Starter Pokemon and More Revealed for 'Sun' and 'Moon'!

    I'm so freakin' pleased with Litten and Popplio's 1st evolutions. Although the odds are against me I'm still hoping for those 2nd final stages. I love popplio's, but I hate the one for Litten because I really wanted a quad kitty. Like can you guys imagine a fire Tiger on all four paws?! I'll...
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    Anime Recommendations

    Favourite genre(s): I guess you could say I like action/adventure/comedy all in one. Previously-liked anime, manga, or movies: I guess you could say I'm more of an oldie's fan but I'm ready to give the new stuff a try. My favorite is more than likely Sailor Moon. I've loved the story ever...
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    Official Digimon Thread

    I'm so excited for Digimon Tri after seeing it's artwork. I haven't watched digimon for a really long time so this is a huge deal for me! Does anyone have any info regarding it's development or any general knowledge of the series? They've been advertising spring 2015 and I know we're only a...
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    ORAS New (Mega) Pokémon in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: Your Hopes and Expectations

    I love that altaria gets this a new typing after mega evolving. I'm especially excited because it's one of my favorite pokemon. I love Lopunny & Salamence gettnig one too! Now all I need is Mega Milotic and I'm GOOD!
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    Official Digimon Thread

    Eh, it's all a matter of opinion I guess. My favorites were the first three installments of the series. I was still an avid watcher of the show when series 4/5 came about but they didn't have the appeal that the others had for me. But I couldn't get past 3 episodes of xros wars. Sucks because...
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    Sailor Moon Crystal

    I sort of can't wait til we get passed the introduction of the sailors. Don't get me wrong, they're doing an amazing job! And I actually love how the pacing of the show is going, but after that I can truly get to know the new series. haha I can't wait to see the full out manga adaptation of...
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    The X-Factor

    I was going to post this thread in member clubs, but before I jumped the gun and wasted space I thought it would've been better to see there were any interested members first. haha Unfortunately the XFactor USA was cancelled so I guess there's only so much we could say about the series...
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    Official Digimon Thread

    Wait what? I just saw this thread and I was going to rant and complain about how the digimon series is nothing like it used to be. And I see this teaser video and now I'm full of tears and excitement. Yo, please don't say this is fake. Someone convince me of the legitimacy of this video...
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    Avatar: The Legend of Korra

    My memories of the previous season are kind of blurred, but when Korra defeated Vaatu I assumed he went inside of her and raava. Similar to how Vaatu and Unalaq did once they defeated her. I could be wrong though. lol As for the topic at hand, I'm actually enjoying their tribute to the...
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    Sailor Moon Crystal

    lol No wonder it took me forever to find this thread! Thanks Chaos Jackal. :) My bragging shall now commence. This is only the first episode so I can't really say that I LOVE it, but I will say they're off to a good start! The opening song has grown on me quite a bit! I will admit I still...
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    ORAS Your Team in OR / AS?

    I always restart my games like 50 million times after I beat it anyways so this is my unofficial team. lol I want to play it as if it were the old game but in 3D so I'll probably start off with.... Crazy thing is it's not too far from my usual team. haha Blaziken Gardevoir Delcatty...
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    Sailor Moon Crystal

    Yeah! I'm just nitpicking because I loved the original so much. It's one of my favorites... if not THE favorite. XD; I found a link for the official opening! It's sort of reignited my excitement for the show! The opening is very nice! The only thing I didn't like (that I'm already getting...
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    Sailor Moon Crystal

    The music so far has been a tad disappointing so far... lol ( First the theme song, now the transformation music) It's just that the first anime set the bar so high! I'm really trying to put my nostalgia but it's not working. XD;