I am an avid Pokemon fan, participating in competitive Pokemon video game battle, and to a lesser extent, TCG. I also create Fakemon and am currently helping create a Fakemon Pokemon game. If you want to see my fakedex, look at my signature, or go to the Fake Creations forum.
My phrases:
It's a fire-type Ozaiiiiiiiiiiiii
You can't rhyme against the Dark Side of the Force.
One man, alone, betrayed by the country he loves.
America! Heck yeah!

Quotes: [15:49] <patrick329> That's cool. I feel fail. I was looking at Zyflair's threads because I'm in one of her RPGs, and I stumbled across one she made called, "Worst Pokemon TCG card." I was going to post Gyarados Star, so I went to the last page. Dmaster had locked it because someone posted after 2 weeks. I looked at what the last person said, and it was me, saying Gyarados Star...
Dark of the Moon
RPGs, Pokemon Ice, Pokemon in general, Band, Airsoft, Nazi Zombies.
TCG/VG Accomplishments
Umm... Too expensive to buy competitively.
Pokemon Involvement
  1. TCG Player




Da da (rest) doowaiyaiyaiya!
Kyogre is a beast.
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