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  • Heh, I didn't necessarily agree with it either, but that was the reason they gave.

    As a footnote, MOST of the RPGs around were rather unintelligent, but not all of them were. I can't say either way about yours (as I never viewed any RPG topics), but you sound like an upstanding fellow so yours was probably one of the better ones.
    I'm not sure- I havent been on in a while, and I'm not sure if they've discouraged or banned RPGs
    To answer your question, they've since been banned. At this time, there are only a few actual games permitted now, and they are:
    ~TDL's The Challenge
    ~DNA's Trivia of DNA

    ...All of those are series games. The reason this came about is because the staff got tired of games that required almost no thought, and they also wanted to direct more attention to the TCG forums as well. Yet as a compromise, they decided to keep the top 3 games that required some intelligent thought.

    Hope this helps.
    It's way too late to attempt. People have argued to keep them around, but they didn't win.
    patrick329, I will ask someone who has a Mac to test it out. I have also decided to change a few things for the demo. Instead of the members downloading it off from the front post, they can PM me instead and I will send those files. This will reduce some of the problems.
    patrick329, yeah, I have been thinking of some ideas, but won't be adding it just yet. I still need to add some more tiles on to the map.

    A reward will also be handed out at the end of the mission if it is successfully completed.
    patrick329, okay. I started working on a small town that is accessible when the player gets his/her first badge.
    patrick329, Garitter is busy with college and I barely get any free time; therefore, I will be working on her pages and mine this weekend.
    patrick329, I was actually thinking of sending a PM to you, silazu, and Garitter, but didn't have the time at the moment. I will be starting up the game again (in a few days); however, I will need to ask a moderator if I can revive the thread.
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