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    Play! Pokémon Team Challenge Announced!

    After reading the email that was sent out, I will say it seemed like a cool thing especially with how we really can't host in person events but some of the wording seems very rushed. particularly that discord is optional, then not 2 sentences later you will use discord and RK9
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    Sword & Shield Expansion Packs Announced: New and Returning Pokemon!

    While I am someone who buys games on release and would have ended up getting crown sword or what ever the second versions would have been called, and ending up paying more than how this DLC is priced, It does concern me that this means those who planned to wait until next year to just picked up...
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    Discussion Cards possibly getting unbanned

    Not at all random and very much on topic and it is a consideration I didn't think of and I'm glad you brought it up and not having a confusing mess of a ban list that is always growing and shrinking is something that would be a reason not to remove cards from the ban list.
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    Discussion Cards possibly getting unbanned

    @Otaku I don't wish to be rude but would you mind clarifying something for me. What is wrong with having wally off the ban list and than put back on the ban list when it is deemed an issue with current cards and rules? Would it be wrong to allow players to use it while it isn't a problem?
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    Discussion Cards possibly getting unbanned

    I would like to thank everyone for engaging in this discussion, I really have to agree with crownaxe on this. Leaving cards banned in case of future situations means that the ban list is less about having the meta game maintain a level of enjoyment and engagement but to limit player options...
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    Discussion Cards possibly getting unbanned

    Please excuse the brevity of this topic starting post as I am posting this over mobile and the entire thought is still fresh in my head and not completely fully thought through. So to get this discussion started would it seem likely that the supporters that have been banned in expanded due to...
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    Sword & Shield TCG Set

    So when are we going to get the tools to stop abilities from pokemon like it? Since it would only be fair to have tools to counter ability heavy decks directly.
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    News Complete List of All Problems in 'Sword & Shield' with Proof

    Here is the original reddit thread that is the source of that:
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    Final 'Sword & Shield' Commercial Officially Reveals Two Pokemon

    So here is an image with all the Pokemon sprites:
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    TCG Boxes in January Feature Unnnamed Pokemon

    I'm guessing around nov 27th we will start hearing a lot more details.
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    Eight Cards To Be Banned from Japan's Expanded Format!

    @Otaku My personal stance is we just need to stop using the term degenerate as some kind of catch all term for cards, decks, or strategies that we view as bad form or that devolve into 2 player solitaire. Especially since it doesn't make much of a leap to than turn around and use the term to...
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    Eight Cards To Be Banned from Japan's Expanded Format!

    You mean like bad game states caused from degenerates like zoroark's trade or charizard reshiram with welder? Or do you mean only decks that you don't like and are not the common stupid stuff?
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    Lusamine and Delinquent Banned from Expanded!

    It is still a loop, that basically nullifies the downsides of some cards like ultra ball. Like Lusamine allows the retrieval of supporters including her self, yes there is a loop but she alone does not allow infinite plays of the same supporter on the same turn. Oh the irony cause that is...
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    Lusamine and Delinquent Banned from Expanded!

    Then why haven't they banned exeggcute for such toxic looping? I never really cared cause I hated playing against aggro decks cause you either play their game of getting the prize trade in your favor, or you slow them down, and well I again don't enjoy prize trading You make it sound like...
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    Lusamine and Delinquent Banned from Expanded!

    So you are saying is that any gimmick decks that use luck(sleep based deck) or actual stall decks are going to get banned the moment someone makes it work at a high level of play. because those types of decks meet point 2 and 3 of your how it achieves that condition. If so why not just tell just...