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  • Oreo9238,
    Cool I checked it out. Maybe I can join but I am getting ready to finish school for the season and I need to study. So maybe. Thx for letting me know :D
    Don't worry about your game not filling up. As people start dying in IE's ww game, they'll join yours. They just don't want to commit to too much at once.

    The people in Vom's game will join yours when it finishes too, which looks like it'll be soon.
    The red type comes simply from using the /m.e (without the dot) command.
    Hey, if you want to blame someone for your death, blame the one who killed you >.>
    Oreo9238, They are great! Sorry, been working on a lot of other stuff and havn't had much time to be active on PokéBeach.
    Oreo9238, I wonder why I have the feeling it has something to do with tongues...
    I received one of those because of the discussion going on in RR before the game started, that's why it started with uneven teams xD
    Oreo9238, D: I actually already read the 2 chapters. They're pretty good, but you forgot to capitalize a couple of things, mainly Pokémon names. Would have posted, but anything like what I just said is considered spam. Good job btw ^.^
    What do you think of mine?
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