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  • One Approved, Hmm... Yeah, that could be true. There's something in what you say.

    Aye, thanks Teapot! I'll be back with other topics later. Feel free to talk to me about anything as well.
    One Approved, I see where you're coming from. However, do you really think it's that subjective? As you said, a classical music piece has a lot more going on behind it than your typical song. Sure, it's definitely a matter of preference in the end, but some things apply, whether one likes it or not.
    Can you really say, for example, that a song is good just because you like the lyrics? Can you label a thrash metal song bad because you can't see the music behind it, while in fact it can be quite hard to play (yes, I'm a metalhead)? In the long run, there must be some things that make a good piece... things that apply to every good piece.
    What do you consider artistic when listening to music? I know that it's kind of a weird question, but I'm curious. Many people seem to believe that only stuff like, say, classical music is truly art and disregard other genres. Others, again, seem to pay too much attention to the lyrics and forget about the music itself. What do you think about this? What do you think makes a piece good, quality music?
    Yeah, I graduated a couple of years ago now.

    You play MK8? Oh snap son. We gotta race.
    I found these in "favorite chat moments":

    <forty_two_chocolate> bacon
    <forty_two_chocolate> has the same # of letters as scampy
    <forty_two_chocolate> except
    <Pride> ???
    <forty_two_chocolate> scampy has another letter

    [17:14:55] <Kevin_Garrett> terrorists are like really bad forum users that think they are really good
    [17:15:02] <Kevin_Garrett> like they comment on everything
    [17:15:05] <Kevin_Garrett> and everything they say is right
    [17:15:08] <Kevin_Garrett> if you disagree
    [17:15:09] <Kevin_Garrett> UDIE
    [17:15:14] <HolyStar> and they die, too

    [14:58:44] <@PMJ> so any of you homos have a ps3
    [14:58:52] <+Lenny> meeee

    [21:34:58] <Sasarai> lays are good
    [21:35:03] <Sasarai> they only cost a buck sixty during christmas here

    (13:37:24) APimpNamedSlickback: I used to make arrow to the knee jokes, but then I got laid

    <LouCypher> Here's a random Pokegymmer: "I is smarter den u are so wat i say iz da gospel true"
    <zero> lol
    <Porygon> here's a random pokebeacher: HURRRRRRRR *slams fists on keyboard* *makes a game corner thread*

    <dialga> how do u put interned on a ds?
    <scampy> you download it onto a floppy disc then insert it into the DS system
    <dialga> i already tried that

    <pdc> ohkos blissey at +2 in sun
    <pdc> or does at least 60%
    I knew you'd come back <3<3

    Edit: Dont forget my "???" in the bacon/scampy quote. Its definitely important
    Nah sorry dude... if the chat quotes thread still exists, it's probably there
    If you ever read this.
    'Would you play a big Werewolf game hosted by me?
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