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    Cosmog, Cosmoem, Tapu Lele-GX from ’25th Anniversary Collection,’ Plus Coin Contest!

    if Lunala was legal I could see some good decks with Jumpluff and scroll of swirls.
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    ‘Vaporeon VMAX / Jolteon VMAX / Flareon VMAX Premium Collections’ in December!

    this was a BAD mistake, they aren't going to ever appear on shelves, thats how quickly they'll sell out.
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    Amazon-Exclusive ‘Celebrations Prime Collection’ Announced!

    I posted about this minutes after you did T_T
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    News 'Celebrations Prime Collection' revealed on Pokémon Website!

    A new box named the 'Celebrations Prime Collection' has been revealed! The release date is not known, it has been marked as Q4 (Q4 might mean Quarter 4, so in the Fall), and will be sold exclusively on Amazon The Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Prime Collection includes: 1 special promo card of...
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    Nostalgic Pokemon TCG Ad Reveals More ‘Celebrations’ Cards, Including Gardevoir ex δ!

    What is the timestamp where you can see the Gardevoir? Also the Gardevoir hasn't been leaked yet which is awesome!
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    Photos of “Marnie Premium Tournament Collection Box” Promos and Goodies!

    no its ten times as much and they call it a "good price"
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    News Golden Mew Surfacing on the internet!

    that is one epic textured card though. if its fake i still want it
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    News Golden Mew Surfacing on the internet!

    that does make sense and the ability name is different from the translation so maybe this is one of those things where the guy took one from the factory or they have a friend who works for pokemon
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    News Golden Mew Surfacing on the internet!

    A Golden Mew card with the 25 stamp has surfaced! It was marked 25/25, meaning it will be a secret rare; This card is also in the base set, Celebrations. A case like this happened in November, where a website called OfferUp had AR Reshiram, Kyogre, Yveltal, and Shiny Lapras and Charizard VMAX...