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  • nomekop55555, I love the mountains around Big Bear. They're one of the best places to go around wintertime.
    nomekop55555, the mountains here are really nice. Do you mean the mountains around Big Bear (southern CA), or do you mean closer to the Sierras (central CA)?
    nomekop55555, seriously, how is 60-65 cold? It's the perfect anytime temperature!
    *feels like making a biosphere where it's permanently that temperature*

    I love California weather.
    nomekop55555, most Californians do not have a tolerance for cold. I myself will start to find it cold (I'll shiver) when it gets to 40 degrees. But that's because I always wear shorts and a T-shirt, so... :p

    Yeah, for most Californians, when it comes to the temperature, they're wusses :p
    nomekop55555, Nothing much, actually. Just going out tomorrow with the family and maybe playing a few sports.
    nomekop55555, how am I? 'tis Christmastime, which is always a great time of year, so I feel fantastic all-around! And you?
    A lot has changed...though that could be good just as well as bad. Hopefully it's mostly good!
    I got 1 of my 4 finals just out of the way! yay
    Oh hi you! Long time no see! ...then again, you log on like once every two months...
    I'm doing pretty good! Finals steadily approaching. How about you?
    nomekop55555, it's either the ceiling or listening to music. Which one would you prefer?
    Wow, she changed her avatar to a beautiful Glaceon one! But seriously, I thought you were Ice Master for a sec...
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