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  • MrSquarepants, Indeed!
    Now that I take another look at it, I can't help but imagine washing capsules made to look like Goomy...a product in the cheeks, another in the lower body and yet another in the upper part. XD
    "Goomy will clean all your dirty clothes"
    Hello I heard you have a safari with Chansey. I have one with Fennekin and Ponytas. Can you add me? My FC is 1993-78640275
    MrSquarepants, Well, I am actually not 100% sure they are exclusive to Pokemon Centers. But I haven't found any other store that gets them. It might be worthwhile to ask around on eBay but their boxes are overpriced.

    Glad you enjoy the card! I also pulled the X Mega UR and then a Kangaskhan UR out of my last box. I still have two boxes left that a customer backed out on, but I have enough singles to sell for awhile. Honestly, I don't know what I'll do with the stack of a hundred Rares.
    MrSquarepants, I think those promos are exclusive to Pokemon Centers. I've looked long and hard to find a distributor that includes them and have had no success. AmiAmi stated that they include all promotional items so they must not even receive the promos. That's no problem if you'd like to wait. Congrats also on the UR! That guy commands a respectable price. :D
    MrSquarepants, Hey again! [smod]Drohn[/smod] told me you had extra Goodra XY-P. Any chance you'd trade one? :)
    MrSquarepants, Actually yes! I sold a bunch on eBay and have a few left. Let me know if you have any extra SR/UR you don't need. I am selling off my extras and trying to find the few that I missed.
    I bought two booster boxes as well, so I got two for myself! :D Thanks though!
    I've read the original Pokémon Hard Mode; it was really impressive! It would be super cool if you did a comic story like that, even if the art was silly. :D
    Awww, I liked the bacon one better. :p

    But thanks for the context. :D I do think a kid would probably enjoy it (what kid cares about displaying things on stands anyway?), so that's a good thought.
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