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    All “Battle Region” Cards Revealed: New Hisuian Pokemon Debut!

    Ayo is that COVID on the Gloom card
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    All ‘VMAX Climax’ Secret Rares Revealed!

    These Secret Rares are so pretty it hurts.
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    Charizard and Duraludon VMAX Character Rares from ‘VMAX Climax!’

    That Leon is so cute it should be illegal x_x
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    Rockruff and Boltund V Character Rares Revealed!

    As a huge Kukui simp I need that Rockruff ;-;
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    New Hisuian Zorua & Zoroark Info; New Trailers, Early Purchase Bonuses for ‘Brilliant Diamond,’ ‘Shining Pearl,’ ‘Legends: Arceus’

    Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark are absolutely beautiful, super excited to see their shiny forms! It irks me that these "new" artworks of human characters are almost identical to their appearance in DPPt though. This just seems so boring and lazy to me :/
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    Galarian Mr. Rime V, Sylveon, Dry Seasoned Curry, and More Gym Promos Revealed!

    Ngl that Spicy Curry do be looking delicious though
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    25th Anniversary Pikachu Cards Revealed, Including Surfing Pikachu V, Birthday Pikachu, Pikachu V-UNION!

    I am SO in love the Pikachu V-Union art! It's like 25 years of Pikachu all in 4 cards T_T The reprints are beyond amazing too, can we do this every 5 years from now on?
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    ALL “Sky Stream” and “Towering Perfection” Secret Rares!

    Oh no is that a SHINY Rayquaza I see on the amazing Rayquaza VMAX Special Art? Prices are going to blast through the roof ;w;
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    'Eevee Heroes' TCG Set to Feature All Eeveelutions as Pokemon V, Plus Gengar / Inteleon VMAX Decks!

    Ugh IMAGINE getting one of those shitty 3D Secret Rares/Rainbow Hyper Rares in your booster box instead of the alt art Secret Rares/VMax alt art Hyper Rares
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    'Pokemon Postal Stamp Box' Releasing, Contains Unique Full Art Promos and TCG Stamps!

    I saw the thumbnail I thought the Pikachu/Cramorant cards were a reference to that Chad/Virgin meme...must be too early for me
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    First Teaser Info for S6 'Silver Lance' and 'Jet-Black Spirit!'

    I may or may not have a huge unhealthy crush on Peony after finishing the DLC, I hope that full art stays within reasonable range ;_;