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  • I'll take that as a no. I won't be able to play before march 16th then if you aren't on later today.
    I'm not trying to rush anyone but It would be nice if you and grantm1999 could get your match done by March 16th.
    how do u get all those badges? I -would- have all of them if i knew how except i got into pokemon starting at the end of gen 3 or beginning of gen 4.
    Mora said:
    Are you available this weekend? Maybe let's set a particular time. Bisharp keeps looking at my profile, and I take it as, 'Hurry up!'

    That might be a good way to take it... :). But I understand that you guys have time constraints and sometime things can come up and get in the way so if you and Blah need another week you guys can have it. Seriously by no means am I rushing you guys.Just get the match done whenever you can okay.
    Third and fifth didn't have anything but new Pokemon.
    I should probably point out here that Gen 3 did have new Pokemon.
    Although, there were only 2 of them (Azurill and Wynaut), and they're not very memorable either, so I can understand why you forgot them.

    *returns to lair*

    One day, I rolled 14 times for Rebirth.. all tails. After a painful defeat, I noticed my dice had 2 5's on them.. the 4 side had an extra dot in the middle...

    Those dice don't exist anymore.
    Mora, Oh no you're perfectly fine! I realized that not too long after posting, when I did a proxy and tested out a few starting hands/turn ones. I realized that I was drawing into my Lugias more than I was my Ho-Oh and was unable to discard as I needed to.

    I did a few runs with just 1 Lugia and realized I could have used a few scoop ups, but the flip isn't much worth it (I flip enough already haha) but it did turn out quite nicely =] One game, Lugia was one of my prize cards, and it worked perfectly as a good end gamer, since the opposing deck was Hammertime and I had knocked out a Sableye previously, and was stuck needing 3 prizes.
    Mora, I don't think HTL is that great of an item, switch, Keldeo, full heal all just make you waste it.

    Anyways PM me yours and I'll pm you mine when I find my deck (switched up deckboxes, and I can't find the right one ;-;)
    Mora, Secret Rare????? Dafreak that's awesome.

    Anyways... Wanna compare lists for Ho-Oh after Plasma?
    Mora, Lol, then you Random Receiver (if you got one) into a Juniper hopefully. It's not hard if you run 4 like I do.
    Mora, Yeah I do agree, but it's easy to beat BKEX since it's a one of only, otherwise it's overkill lol.
    Mora, IMO Lugia blows more than Shaymin does. It's overhyped and needs to die lol.

    Anyways, Ho-Oh has been dominating in testing for me, against Klinklang, It's been interesting trying to KO BKEX, but I think I might run a dragon myself for it lol.
    Mora, Lugia sucks like no other, so people won't play it lol. So, you should come to Utah for regs so we can meet ;)
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