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    Jade, you're warned. - PMJ

    Consider yourself warned. Don't ever make a thread like this again. - PMJ
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    just recently i called someone who has these muscle spasms twitchy and asked him how this twitching was going and some other offensive things. but haha i am not banned over it! all these americans are! i was flaming all these americans but i got off the hook! hahahahahaha.
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    hotest decks out there

    ok anyways. your Flyzard deck will be more consistant when you get the access to these new basic metal energies. =)
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    hotest decks out there

    KRUCIFIER should not be trusted for information, He just lies most of the times with crap about me. No offense. I know how to play destiny but my list was not that perfect which often get thrashed by him. Marcus' build was close to mine as it was only good enough for the metagame - We are...
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    hotest decks out there

    fast danage of charizards with 3-4 windstorms beats destiny.
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    hotest decks out there

    hey alan. i like your deck concept. always so good... it beat destiny without a doubt if that flyzard deck is fast enough. he only lost to destiny once due to a misplay. he overlooked my energies attached to Mew ex lm.
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    Wi-Fi Trades Pokémon Center~Sydney (We've got 7000+ (some are doubles/etc) shiny's on the beach!)

    RE: LV's My Player Thread Hello Mewtwo2 + others. This is a message, on behalf of Light Vensuar's request: She said she is still up for trading. Please just leave a post and she can get back to you. Or, you can just MSN or YIM her. Or, you can leave a message in her Guestbook. She...
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    Wi-Fi Trades Mjadex123's My Player Thread

    Jade's Player Thread MY INFORMATION: My Friend Code - Japanese: Coming soon My Friend Code - English: Coming soon MSN: jade.asp(at) (i always in a busy status so please do not expect me in another status other than Busy for a reason). AIM & Yahoo: JadeRMXP Contact Time...
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    Missing Pokémon Trading Card Scans

    If you still need to scan cards I have them all, except for as listed from Post#7: Rayquaza Star Raichu ex Salamence ex DF Walrein ex PK Jolteon* From Post#9 I got them all except POP5(all), Pop4's Chimecho, Deoxys, Flygon + Scramble. Will get them all done in HQ for you after I finish TAFE...
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    Saturday, 3/24, Diamond and Pearl Theme Decks

    Empoleon...yay! hope it will have 1 Azumarill, 1 Buizel, 1 Seaking and 1 Mantyke... :)
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    Thursday, 3/15, Newest Japanese Set, Oldest Pokemon Video

    RE: Thursday, 3/15,  Newest Japanese Set, Oldest Pokemon Video M...mmm....Memories >O I <3 the PokeRAP! Aah..these good ol days. yeh, great memories.
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    I got his loot. Very good trader. I wwas experience problems on my side which cause delays. Sorry. Dang LionheartEX.
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    Wednesday, 2/28, DP2: The Mystery of the Lakes Scans, Kadabra Extinct

    Marcus. Poison type used to be Grass type and now its psychic since alot of poison type are purple so the creater decided that the change make it more fit :D Bob, Matt or whatever is WPM's name: THERE IS A KABADRA AND GOLEM, NUFF SAID.
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    Friday, 2/9, POP 5 News, Lucario a Finalist at American Anime Awards!

    HOLY SHIZZNITZ Espy* and Umby* as non holos? Dammnit PUI, please give us holos already!!! Ho-oh, Lugia, Mew d as rares? Excellent. Who's #4 then? I dunno >O I wish that Pikachu on Wailmer were holo for god's sake. :/ All we need are now Mew ex, Lugia ex, Hooh ex, Jirachi ex. Cheers.
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    Tues, Wed, Sat, 1/30-2/2, EX Power Keepers Scans and Set List, Meiji Promos

    RE: Tuesday and Wednesday, 1/30 - 31, EX Power Keepers Scans and Set List! Dragonite, Ampharos, Raichu. 'nuff said.