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  • Sure. That Magneton interests me due to the potential of a good Magnezone. Just give me the FC or FCs for them and I'll add them.
    MegaBreloom, sorry, I'm full right now! I have so wwhat of a waiting list. If you can propose a favorable trade, though, I can add you right away.
    Welcome to Pokebeach!

    I noticed you're planning to get into competitive play in gen 6, so I wanted to offer a little advice. At the moment, Gen 5 competitive play has nearly stabilized completely and many, if not most of the strategies will be a driving factor behind a lot of gen 6 competitive play (at least in the early stages before most new techniques are developed and tested). I would recommend using the time until gen 6 to get acquainted with gen 5 OU and Ubers strategies (I'm willing to help, if you want) through use of a simulator. This way you won't feel as swamped having to learn everything at once after gen 6 comes out and you'll already know some of the basic competitive ideas/lingo (like what Bolt-Beam coverage is and why it's good), thus having a head start on most of the others planning to start competitive play with gen 6's release.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you around the forums.
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