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  • Hey MegaBeedrill! I think you may be interested in the Forum Game The Challenge, which is currently being hosted by Celever and myself. We're still looking for sign ups to start the game, so you playing would be awesome! Link
    I don't often play Ubers, actually. OU and UU to an extent, though I don't pretend to be an expert.
    If you'd like a match though, I'm almost always on around the weekend (though not this one, ironically). Any time you feel like a match, just send a message! I don't turn down challenges. ;)
    Ah, sounds fun! I'd definitely be up for a round or two on showdown. I don't play the video game anymore, sadly, after I lost my X cartridge.
    Do you play any tiers besides OU? I'm rather partial to the random battles myself.
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