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    First Teaser Info for S6 'Silver Lance' and 'Jet-Black Spirit!'

    Seems pretty clear to me like others say this won't be their final forms, especially with the unrevealed V-Union mechanic to debut within the set.
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    Nine Surprising Changes Announced for the PTCG: Fairy Pokemon Dropped!

    Have any dragon cards been revealed in the SWSH era yet? I'm curious what happens to the weakness of dragon without fairies existing; probably 2x dragon again? RIP fairy
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    New Pokemon Officially Announced, But It's a Glitched Image!

    If this is Sirfetched getting leaked (or 'leeked') then Nintendo made the ultimate pun
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    Special 'Hidden Fates' Collections Coming to Walfart!

    Disappointed that it's Walfart but not Hidden Farts.
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    'Hidden Fates,' Special Set Releasing in America This August!

    If it includes shiny pokemon, I'd honestly anticipate: in-set shinies are ones that don't rotate (B [and new C?] block shinies) and alternate art promos of A block shinies to keep them rotating in boxes like we got with Shining Legends and Dragon Majesty.
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    'Sky Legends' Officially Revealed!

    Does this mean there's a glass cannon low HP deck in the set yet to be revealed perhaps?
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    A Pokemon Direct Officially Announced for Tomorrow Morning!

    It should be 2PM in the UK because we're not in Daylight Savings
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    Full Metal Wall in February

    If you think my comment applies to you somehow then that's your problem, not mine. If you honestly haven't witnessed men oogling over full art supporters often depicting under-age girls (which obviously, does not apply to all men, I'm not really sure how you'd come to the conclusion that was the...
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    Full Metal Wall in February

    I like it more, every time they reveal a female full art supporter the comments section is just a bunch of guys posting creepy comments; if this style means that won't happen then I'll take that any day.
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    Contest Autumn 2018 CaC: Counters & Markers! (Results Up!)

    I'm probably going to have to drop I'm afraid, I intended on grinding a nice card out over the last day or two but I've had some dumb life issues and really don't feel up to putting that much time into something like this. Sorry.
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    News 'Dark Order,' Japan's October Mini-Set!

    A lot of decks play several switches already, if not Escape Board is perfect for getting you out of this little guy I guess. I'm sure a deck will find a way to use it somehow.
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    Standard Wishwash-you Away!

    I've been testing this (archetype, not list) quite a bit online & at my locals and it's pretty fun. Figured I'd input my list and some reasons I have specific card counts different to yours just for some juxtaposition for you. Not been too successful at my locals with it just because there's a...
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    Contest Finished: PokéBeach Create-A-Card: August 2018 - Team Rocket

    Sorry I completely forgot about the contest, I've been so busy with other stuff this month! (also couldn't get much inspiration this time around..) :( I'll have to take the penalty points for dropping if there are any.
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    'Explosive Impact,' Japan's SM8 Set; Raises Questions About Switch Release

    Heracross will fit nicely in any Venusaur deck.