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  • Linadra, Yeah. That's actually happened to me before.

    I rolled five tails in a row today at league. A Ho-Oh was needed every one of those turns :p

    On the note of SSU, I think it should be Super Scoop Up + with an additional effect stating that if you play two at a time, you can just pick a Pokemon up without a coin flip.
    Linadra, Yeah, sometimes I'm afraid I come across too strong and discourage people from trying out creative ideas, when I actually appreciate the creativity involved in going against the meta or at least using some weird tech. So good for you not running the same old same old! ^^

    And yeah, I used to use Super Scoop Ups, but I'm much too unlucky with coin flips to justify playing Ho-Oh, much less Super Scoop Up :p

    (Six tails in a row on Rebirth -.-)
    You could try it with Lugia; I just wouldn't use more than one. (Plus having Plasma Energy when you want Basic energy to discard is annoying.) I didn't mean to discourage you from getting creative with Ho-Oh :)
    Linadra said:
    I'm from Kentucky here in the USA, I was big in the TCG a few years back, but never got into competitive play.

    Yo, I'm from Kentucky too! I was beginning to think I was the only Kentuckian on this site, haha. Well, actually, the forum admin lives here too, but 3 people out of 12,000 members seems to be a pretty low ratio. :P And welcome to the site!
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